Setu turns one

Sunil Sharma

We have become one-year-old. Launched in June of 2016, Setu has grown over the months and entered the first anniversary with a big bang!

It calls for celebration.

The bumper issue is that only---celebration of life in its fullness and varied colours captured in words and images; rich amalgamation; a Picasso-like mural.

Conceived as a bridge, Setu---from Pittsburgh and Mumbai---connects not only USA and India as two most happening democracies of the world in rapid transition but it also connects many other geographies and cultures through its dedicated services to arts, languages and cultures. If politics divides, arts unite! We have been successful in our primary mission: Vasudhaiva Kutumbakam. The world is one family. The previous issues in Hindi and English have emphasized this underlying theme of oneness and interconnectedness of the world---and of the universe. 

What an uplifting message to hate-mongers and merchants of death in this multi-polar world, closing its borders some place; opening minds, homes and hearts elsewhere!

Setu, from the very beginning, has been welcoming and positive in its orientation. And it has attracted some of the best writers of the world preaching love, peace and harmony. 

We are lucky to have your love and affection and hope to have the same continued in future.

The month of June has brought delayed rains in Mumbai. Pittsburgh is also cloudy and showers often bring relief there. Rains after scorching summer ushers in rejuvenation---and a sense of festivity for the community. Brown patches become green overnight and dried fields get covered with lush grass and dancing flowers. Monsoon is special for the sub-continent. It is magical; hypnotic and enthralling. Our rain-songs celebrate the re-birth of the earth.

Setu is born in June and symbolic of this young spirit and the joy of being young and alive! It spreads the infectious feeling through its content carefully chosen by a small team of die-hard arts-enthusiasts and devotees.

This anniversary issue is packed with super reading material culled from various locations, cultures, contexts and languages. As fascinating as the falling rain on the parched land and as fulfilling as the music of this four-month monsoon period. It will move you like a sonata heard on a lonely night in a Russian village!

So, once again, a Happy Birthday!

It is a great moment for us---and all of you folks associated with us as friends and patrons.

It could happen due to you guys only.

Our indebtedness to the readers and contributors alike!
Enjoy the rain-splashed edition!

- Sunil Sharma
Mumbai, India
Editor, Setu, English

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  1. It's no mean achievement to have completed a year of successful literary-cultural-intellectual dissemination of an edifying level through 12 kaleidoscopic issues. My heartiest congrats to SETU, its indefatigable editors Sunil Sharma and Anurag Sharma; and their team. And I wish SETU a very bright future.


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