Four Poems by Ram Sharma

Ram Sharma


I am a river
daughter of mountain
always spreads joyous fountain
became young through valleys
flows for each one
I have to quench the thirst of each one
Why do you want me to disappear
save trees save nature and all of us live together
my water is your life
save me save yourself and never strife

Gain With Pain

This pain
will transform your life
into a vast ocean of spirituality
you will gain strength
from your despairs
devote yourself
towards those fingers
which changes
flowers into stars
tears into pearls
by its delicate touch
do not weep with pain
always gain with pain

The Himalaya

White snow capped peaks of determination
long lines of diverse trees towards
below serene GANGES above nature, our
cool shelter, healthy atmosphere is full of
if Our Bharata is beautiful in the world
it is due to The Himalaya our real world


Passing through the silvery layers,
The dawn is approaching,
Dust, mist and fog,
Is decorating it,
The sleeping buds are awaking,
There is clarion call of cuckoo,
Everyone is coming out,
From dreamy world,
In the hope of a new day

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  1. Just read Mr. Rem Sharma's poems. Delightful and refreshing to my mind.


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