Poetry by Ramnath Sonawane

Dr Ramnath Sonawane
The Mother

From the warmest Heaven, the embryo saw a Devil with white apron,
Hatching a conspiracy with her kith and kin.
The embryo could smell,
The foul intentions of all but one.
The mother, who was given the choice to get aborted or divorced
The embryo was proud and happy.
A day came when,
She opened her eyes and felt the zephyr.
As the days passed by,
She started climbing the peaks of success and glory.
One day inquisitively she asked,
Why did you choose suffering and misery?
The mother replied,
How could have she conspired against her own flesh and blood?

ODE to my colleagues!!!

Into that realm of administration,
My Father, let my colleagues dwell,
Where they intently listen to the murmurs and whispers of the weakest of
the weak,
Where they carefully read the untold stories of misery of the poorest of the
poor with sympathy and compassion,
Where they, speak with the man in rags with respect and humility,
Where they, write to the citizens with soft and smoothing words,
Where their brains always command them to do the things which are right
and just,
Where their minds always lead them to perform their duties with utmost
honesty and integrity,
Where their deeds and actions always bring goodwill and glory to their
For that Utopian State,
My Father, let my colleagues perform their assignments!!!!

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