Why worry? Be happy!

By Pushmaotee Fowdur Subrun

When you think your days of existence are limited,
Why not opt each day to be light hearted?
There is so much to be grateful for,
Show your appreciation and gratitude therefore,
Admire God’s universe, take time to appreciate,
Immerse in the lovely radiant sunrise, the beautiful peaceful sunset,
Admire and rejoice at the divine beauty!
Rejoice, rejoice!
Think that your troubles are simply temporary.
Hence heart, why worry in vain? Be happy!

The ephemeral joys of our childhood are gone away,
Soon our adulthood will glide by.
Take time to admire the hills and dales and valleys,
Admire the abundance of flora and fauna and winding alleys,
The rivers flowing, flowing nonstop to meet the sea,
Have the heart to open up to this great natural, eternal beauty,
From sickening earthly cares rise,
And heave a thousand euphoric sighs.
And rejoice. Rejoice!
Why worry?

There are reasons to be happy!
Admiring the moonlit night will gladden you.
The sparkle in the bright twinkling stars will light you,
Light you to your inner self and to your well being
And surely make you feel the deep sense of living,
Make you feel the merciful gift of your divine Creator,
The Lord, the Inventor, the Designer.
Why not admire the wonders of the Originator?
Immerse, immerse in this heavenly beauty,
Feast in this natural divine booty!
It is all yours. So why worry? Be happy!

Count your blessings,
Compare yourself with the deprived unfortunate ones,
The blind, the deaf, the mute, the unlucky ones,
Those who cannot see what you can see!
And then you will lighter and happier be,
More thankful to the Lord your heart will be,
Thankful to have been blessed with what you have
All bestowed on you unasked, so why be a slave?
A slave to worry? No, no way! Rejoice in God’s mercy!
Rejoice! Why worry! Be happy!

Make an effort, make your path easier,
Find ways to be happier.
Open up the Lord’s gate,
Uplift yourself and elate.
You could try a nap to bring relief,
To shed the fetters of your disturbing beliefs.
Smoothen the frayed nerves, provide a solution,
And clear your depression,
The new light within, providing a natural therapy.
So why worry? Be happy!

It’s a waste of time to simply worry.
Why not try water drinking therapy?
To help prevent and treat lack of energy,
To treat attention deficit, clearing our thoughts
To sooth your brain when over wrought,
To break the stress-dehydration,
To treat sleep disorders and further complication
To help to boost weight loss,
Cleansing of body toxins and avoiding problems gross.
Just help yourself, why worry, be happy!

An invigorating walk in nature makes much sense,
So, take a walk if you are too tense,
Just a walk to soothe your senses,
The fresh air will be your tonic
And take away your worry and panic.
Ultimately making you become placid,
Giving place to thoughts more lucid.
Sweet memories will come to you more vivid,
So why stay morbid?
Do not worry? Be happy!

Just think, by worrying the problem does not become less.
Instead it’s the stamina which becomes less
Why not think of the root of the tension?
Devise methods to reduce the tension.
If no solution is found, pray fervently,
Pray for help to come our way, pray vehemently.
Not by simply brooding over the problem dejectedly,
But by calling for help on your creator, whole-heartedly.
He might take time but will come ultimately.
So, why worry? Be happy!

Do not hesitate even if you must meditate,
Given some time, the situation will remediate
You can also think of better times,
Count your blessings of innumerable times,
Or confide in a friend who will comprehend,
Who is ready to listen to you and understand
And provide some useful advice.
The friend’s brain will certainly devise,
Devise a solution or at least part of a solution.
So why worry? Be happy!

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