Poetry: Kelley White

Kelley White
Whenever I see unfortunate beings
Oppressed by evil and violent suffering
May I cherish them as if I had found
A rare and precious treasure
Lojong Tsig Gyema
Eight Verses of Training the Mind
(Bodhisattva Langri Tangpa)
Whenever I
     accept life as a gift
     the most difficult task
     (turn and seek the reason for my failure in myself)
     (not to lean on)
     (once is enough)
by evil
     (is to decide forever)
and violent
     (to exercise cruelty toward the least creature)
     (a stranger into a friend)
May I
     the original seed
cherish them
     show the child the rainbow
as if
     the heart

I had found
     not spoken
A rare
     (you will find them so)
and precious
     (we will find a way)
Little Spring Song
Mother, my mother,
why are you knocking?
It’s snowing this morning
in April.
Daughter my daughter,
why have you been dancing?
It’s snowing at midday
in Spring.
Son, my son,
why do you keep singing?
It’s snowing today
in the sun.
Father, my father,
why can’t I see you?
It’s snowing down here
where I live.
Friend, dearest friend,
 why have you forgotten?
It’s snowing outside
my closed window.
True love, my true love,
why did you leave me?
It’s snowing by moonlight
in May.
Self, hidden self,
why aren’t you speaking?
Spring snow
has frozen the door.
Tomorrow I will be Edith,
why not
grow in dignity and calm learn
to sit in a dim room
with memory
cease the worrying
of my hands
still my voice
drift in sleep
(for Edith Kelley Outwater, 1865-1963)

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