Three Poems By Mosarrap H Khan

Mosarrap Hossain Khan

- Mosarrap H Khan

We snuggle close like two
expectant adolescent youth.
Each of our measured movements
is meant to walk a well-trodden
path. Each curve, each concave,
each convex of her taut skin
I have known. The way one tip-toes
on a dark staircase, when the lights
go out on a wintry night.

I know when she will reach
the crescendo of excitement.
And then we will hold
On to each other’s limpness.    

I am back at my desk
by the window, contented,
to write Nirbhaya’s pain.
As if poetry and I will ever know
what it meant to be scooped out
bit-by-bit, and thrown down the
untrodden path of fear. 

I have neatly numbered the poems.
A collection of sorts, I presume,
will take shape.
I presume.
Because I have embraced those uncertainties,
which make you feel you could be a poet.
I have tried to write tonight –
a fragment of what I think would
one day become a novel.
Pain can’t be narrated
like the scene in a novel. Pain jabs at
you. Short, sharp, pointed jabs.
Like the lines of a poem. 

In this jumble of human forms,
you gain a sense of perspective –
A tiny speck swirling in a
sonic disaster.
You bid goodbye to a foreign
city you loved and partially embraced;
A city, you were never sure, if ever
loved you and embraced you back.
You stood there brooding, longing,
secure in the knowledge
of human mastery over space; an imposing tower
lording over rectangular grids.
Here you swirl, float, duck,
along with particles of dust,
soot, muck, disease, like cigarette-smoke
curling up before vanishing abruptly.

Bio: Mosarrap H Khan is an academic based in a small town, Kotulpur, West Bengal, India. His creative pieces have previously appeared on The Bombay Review, The Sunflower Collective, Asia Writes Project, and Café Dissensus Everyday.


  1. Exquisite poems.Thank you, Setu.
    Thank you, Mosarrap.

    Sanjeev Sethi

  2. Thank you so much, Sanjeev, for your kind words!


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