Poems by Sanaa Uppal

I Never Knew

I never knew what it means to bleed in heart till you asked me a "question"
I never knew what it means to burn inside furious winds till you dampened my fire with the same question
I never knew what it means to be forsaken till you planted it in the backyard of my heart
I never knew what it means to grow in death till you started watering the same question
Again and again
.....the same question
I never knew what it means to be silent till you dropped it at my doorstep
Forever and ever and ever


Yours are the words that never rained from my eyes
Yours is the wisdom of love
Sparkling like fresh streams bearing sweet fragrance of woods
Burning silently in the lingering meadows of a secret
I could never utter ,unlearn and extinguish
Yours are the embraces that stick together like birds on a winter morning cosily tucked up in between the lines
I could neither hold nor write
Yours are the kisses that run wild
Chasing elfs and other mysteries in the countryside of my heart
The moon follows your song and sings it in chorus
Resting eternally with you
Acutely hanging around like a bunch of tulips in your light
Yours is the sky that is boundless in your absence
Yours is the night at the tip of my fingers
It never speculates your arrival


Sanaa Uppal
There was more life in her eyes now
Than dreams could ever drape
A pinch of divinity
More than cosmos could ever reflect
His subtleties dismissed harmony
Looking deep inside the eclipsed tunes
The rolling crescendo
Slow and regular
The gentle fashions
Keen diligent and virtuous
The inherent transparencies
Flowering beside the delicately numb shades
As plain motifs flourished
In her diverse features
Than earth could ever grow
Than clouds could ever chase

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