The break of Dawn

Pushmaotee Subrun

By Pushmaotee Subrun

In the auspicious hour of silence, Mother Earth greets the new dawn.
Revelling, savouring the smiling crack of dawn,
The dawn of life and creation,
In the vegetative world with its mysteries increasing the fascination
The silhouettes of trees start revealing their verdant beauty,
Ready to conquer the first morning air as darkness dissipates steadily,
To display mesmerising hues of red and pink in the eastern horizon.
As an enticement to join the celebration
Soon increasing with the myriads of hues, the fascination,
And redeemed by this phenomenon, nature dances in exhilaration.

In awe stands the poet, full of admiration of this silent beauty.
Soon the sun peeps out of the skyline gradually, progressively,
And the magical beauty captivates him,
Heart and soul, and as the thrill sweeps over him,
He thinks of glorifying in his aubades,
This diurnal revolution of the earth in different shades.
No less attracted is the artist who starts visualising
Of presenting this awesome divine moment in his painting.
Will he be able to portray even a fraction of this phenomenal beauty?
Will he, the mortal, achieve in depicting this magnificent scenery?

He is not alone to be lost in admiration,
Soon the birds start twittering melodiously in unison,
Flying from one branch to another with much gaiety,
The mynahs peep full throatedly,
The red fody proudly perches on one branch, single,
Not at all wishing with others to mingle,
The serin bird is already at work, doing its best,
Skilfully ripping the choicest palm leaves to weave its nest.
The emboldened paille-en-queue soars higher and higher gaily,
Parading its unique beauty majestically.

Every blade of grass seems to rejoice
The leaves awake to the sunlight to power photosynthesis,
All the flowers send out fragrant scents, full of enthusiasm,
The flower buds of sunflowers start exhibiting their heliotropism,
Attracting the bees which soon start going around,
And soon the honey combs with honey abound,
The butterflies add to the ambiance, flying merrily around,
The grasshoppers hop gaily in jubilation,
As if to rejoice in the celebration,
Of the radiant rising sun. 

The freshness, the beauty and the gaiety abound.
The auspicious hour and the serenity around
 Awakes in the human world, the desire for divine connection, 
To feel His omnipresence and His intervention,
In each thought, each decision and action,
And to bow down in thankfulness and veneration
To the Supreme Lord of this wonderful creation,
For continuous guidance and benediction,
The benediction of love, hope and faith as assurance
To fill the new day with profound serenity and peace.

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