by Shabir Ahmad Mir

Student of English language and Literature
Pulwama - 192301, State: Jammu and Kashmir (India)
Contact: +91 985 877 7990

leave me to the mercy
of these farthest woods.
the touch of vernal breeze,
shepherds happy in their flocks,
fawns run and leap in ecstasy,
the shepherd whistles and sings,
the milky waters dribbling down,
the birds drench their feathers,
this land of pastoral dreams,
devoid of politicians and priests,
away from the roar of deadly guns,
the fume of fatal smoke,
where pellets usher in like rains,
shrieks which can pierce a beast,
today a repose from the shrieks,
my legs shudder to go back,
the vale of blood festivities,
flames that with horror rise and engulf.
innocence drowning viciously,
the dusk has approached sir,
the hour to return back has come,
my valley like a Jacobean theatre,
murder, wails and morbid sky sir.
the horror! the horror...


  1. So ethereal, so picturesque and moving. The words are woven with delicate grace and subtlety in the background of Kashmir. Kudos to the poet :)

  2. awestruck ,and over the moon seeing my teacher and preacher going guns ! so jubilant ! best wishes SIR!

  3. ...with a little Spenciarian flavour. Marvellous!


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