Poetry: Aabha Vatsa

Abha Vatsa


Born to a benevolent mother
Who showered her love on him
He was a misfit to others
Following his own whims.
A sensitive child he was
Wondering at life's games
Giving him enough reason to pause
Apart from few things same.
A lad with his own flute
Playing melodies soothing to the heart
In undeniably attire cute
Praying for a vision, never to depart.
An ardent lover of genuine beauty
He serenaded his lady love
Taken in by her unfathomable duty
His melodies he played, like a snug glove.
He travelled far with his lady love
Amassing memories to last
Disappointments he did shove
Never living in the confining past.
A fathomless dreamer sure he was
Writing stories and poems to heart
His natural ramblings beyond laws
Leaving behind trails akin to an actor's part.
Happy to be in his comfort zone
He marched ahead unmindful of stares
Sipping happily, never did he groan
Living his fantasies , on the rocking chair.


Gone are the days
When i would moan and sulk
As patience inevitably pays
Despite zooming disappointments in bulk.
When life meandered to unknown paths
I stood bewildered in awe
My mind fleeing into a wretched wrath
At the atrocities i saw.
Never giving up, i hung on life
Judiciously doing my act
Despite moments of strife
For my destiny's pact.
And one day the storm vanished
As unexpectedly as it had come
Even as sorrows got banished
Gently pushing me to hum.
It was finally time to reap the harvest
My world burgeoned into a soulful song
Making it easy to reach targets
My faith in goodness mighty strong.
As i stand on the brink of life
I thank the Almighty with all my might
For making me a better version despite strife
My happiness a glowing, wondrous sight.


As the Sun rises in the morning
In its daily avtaar of orange
And the sky beautifully adorning
Echoing in the sporange.
The sparrows twitter heralding a nascent day
Flitting from branch to branch
As if agreeing to pay
A singing tribute to the ranch.
The tiny sunbird perches on the tree
Singing happily its morning song
Its colorful plumes for all to see
Mighty happy to throng.
A flight of green parrots
Ascend from the mango tree
Feeding on grains and carrots
Flitting in groups of three.
The pigeons descend in a graceful flight
Pecking on grains kept aside
At peace and ease their plight
Humming gently beside.
The ravenous crow watches from the pole
Its sharp eyes on the lookout
Wanting a meal whole
Happy to break out.
These early morning hours
Graced by birds song
And beautifully blooming flowers
A gracious view, lifelong.


The heavens roared making a loud claim
It was an encounter meant to be
There was no one to blame
As far as the eye could see.
An inexplicabe astronomical feature
As the lovers decided to meet
Putting to doubt, were they real creatures
A musical symphony, no one could beat.
With tremulous spirits, she donned her dress
In shades of turquoise laid to rest
Her heartbeats making her heart guess
She carried herself gracefully, to the meeting nest.
She gasped with awe at his stature
As if it was Apollo himself
His husky voice, his innate nature
How can i contain myself, she asked herself.
His aura was a fiery red
His eyes deep and passion fed
He gathered her in his welcoming arms
Her persona, becoming increasingly warm.
It was bliss indeed personified
She blushed, like a nervous bride
Time stood still, in that exotic embrace
Not the sightless wish, to escape.
Alas, the meeting ended in some moments
She cradled his touch in a heartache
Her heart numb and a trifle frozen
Her kissed shoulders, a silent stake.
Now as she drowns in a reverie
She could swear the roses blushed
Her beating heartbeats her only accessory
A plethora of romantic feelings crushed.


All of sixteen
A veritable teen
She harbored a dream
A radiant wish, it seems.
She dreamt of her Prince Charming
Riding on a white horse
Going back to fairies beaming
And a heart rendering force.
Celebrating her birthday in a pink taffeta gown
She whirled past all
Gliding amidst roses sown
Anticipating a gracious fall.
Come December, she stood by the Christmas tree
Waiting for Santa to fill her heart
Celebrating being in love with glee
A charming boy, with whom to depart.

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