Poems - Orbindu Ganga

Orbindu Ganga

Tears have ceased for long …

Remembering those days
Have made me weep inside
Strolling in the border
Wandering as a nomad
Ten-year-old weeping inside
Seeing the corpses every day
Tides in life has swept too early
Tears have ceased for long …

Battle within me ignited
Battle outside left me desolated
Searching for my dear ones
Hoping to see them alive
Saw a hand with a known ring
My mother wore on her wedding
My heart pinched deep inside
Tears have ceased for long …

A head was lying smiling
Smiling at me to see me again
Dad has made me smile
Has left my soul to weep
Inundated tears were flowing
Years have gone by
Tears have left heart wounded
Tears have ceased for long …

Living as nomad in my country
Hearing the echoes of yesterday
Dreams are deluged with fear
Childhood haunts me every night
Chopping of heads
Piercing the knife deep inside
Left me gasping all night
Tears have ceased for long …

Morning Mist                             

Auburn canvas smeared
With a streak of tittle speared,
Firmament opened her blue eyes
Waited the amorous bud
To zephyr through the veins.

As the dew neared
The delighted bud blossomed,
Kissing the dust
With petrichor consumed in ambiance,
She danced in tune with her calisthenics.

Mellifluous subtle raga whispered
For everyone to wake-up with a whizz,
Milieu cleansed with ease
Revered soul scented the fragrance
Opulence graced with nature’s blessings.

My Thoughts …

My Thoughts had a heart
Flying with its wings
Open to sing
A song of idea
To leap ahead of time.

Never did I think of a thought
A thought to bring a change
In a world of sea change
Thoughts still wanders
Hoping someone to wonder.

Flying from nowhere
Getting into my mind
Fading away in moments
Searching her for a while
Nowhere to be seen.

Whispering at times
Meandering like waves
Catching her was in vain
Still had a hope to listen
She kissed me as she signed.

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