Poetry: Huguette Bertrand

Huguette Bertrand 


The guy next door
wrote many words
about slaved people
residing in his mind

he never stopped writing words behind bars
worshiping peace while losing his life

his bursting words were disturbing
the standards of his country
but he kept writing with his peaceful mind
tireless words until his last moments

finally he left behind
seeds of peace to persevere on freeways
breaking fences of old ideas
still sticking in some species
to fade away


this woman moves along
in the grayness of a city
carries within
a strange happiness
she walks

she walks between rumors
shakes the ashes of sleeping minds
spreads lively words
she is the guardian

guardian of untold stories
burried in the night
strolling between rocks
she blows

she blows on embers
freeing old days silences
reviving the memory of this deserted city


Break all the walls down
to let dreams come out
from the wilderness of memories
hidden behind closed doors

Break all the walls down
to let the flowers grow
and all the trees also
fragrance and colors will spread
on the landscape of wounded minds
laying on the canvas of dusty times

Let's take the bricks of walls
and build houses with open doors
to let in the wind blowing words
healing with peace on hand
all living dramas on lands


When outside came in
I was suddenly delighted
but after tea time it ran away
and I never saw it again

then an arrow of wild geeses passing by
pulling Spring with them
flew over my fascinated hart

I then ran out
inviting Spring to come inside
and have a cup of green tea

He didn't stay long
because he had the duty of opening flowers
and tirelessly making the land grow green

An event to remember
while drinking a cup of tea
in the greens.

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