Poetry: Sampurna Datta

Sampurna Datta

Sampurna Datta

Four poems by Sampurna Datta

Left Behind

A piece of heart, a moment's breath, I left behind.
A heart full of desire, a wonderful moment, a feeling of fulfilment, a wholesome smile may be...
A moment of joy, another of desire,
A fantasy coming true, the ecstasy of finding You.
It came and went by and I am still counting,
What else have I left behind?
Often I ask the first ray of the day,
And the last glitter of the night,
Can you say what I left behind?
That makes me restless and calms at once,
Tears me and I smile.
I am happily sad when I count back,
and content with the hollowness inside.
A cool breeze, as if talking to me...
Reminding again of that, which I left behind.
I wonder, how long will my search be?
To find that little part of me which I left behind.


When I earthed, I looked for you.
Your warmth was my secure abode,
Unseen I could recognise you.
Bound 'I' was with 'you',
when we both felt each other for the first time.
For a long time 'you' nurtured 'me' within and 'I' gained my being.
You gave me my breath, my heart that pounds, my eyes that see you, my hands that reach for you, my journey that begins from you and finds destination in you.
Each day I know you better.
I feel you better.
I discover you better.
I pray to God, and He shows me ‘You’.
The answer to all my prayers.
Everything good I've done, has given me ‘You’.
A pilgrimage, sans your thought,
A prayer, sans your name,
A breath sans your longing,
A sight, sans your image,
Is like a life sans LIFE in it.
O Mother, everything makes sense if you are with me.

Ode to Poetry

Oh! How well does poem speak our mind?
Almost like a friend walking behind.
It cries with us in our pain.
And beams with joy when we gain.
Like a beam of light in the darkness of the night,
it says, "Hey, follow your dream.
No matter how much the path be grim".
It has a tune for every string.
That builds the heart of a living being.
It makes us grow to accept,
the wounds over which we bitterly wept.
Oh! How well does poem speak our mind?
Always like a friend who stood behind.

The Hourglass

Time here has taken a sabbatical.
Prime spent,
Our path has taken a bent.
Known faces have long been replaced.
Though memories still hold their place.
Like helpless rebels, noisy pebbles, we fall.
Rising again, for a second bargain.
Time now, has a promising hue.
Yet not spent,
Life has a new intent.
Love being the only condition,
Feelings are again in motion.
Here we live for each other,
With our hearts knot together.
It has not been a compromise.
Instead a new step, a new universe.
With no more roles to play,
We breathe free every day.
Why should we look back in anger?
Engraved in soul, a few faces we still remember.

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