Once More unto the Spin

Scott Thomas Outlar

- Scott Thomas Outlar

Here I sit, December 27th, 2017, with Christmas now residing a couple days in the past. The gifts have all been relentlessly looted and ransacked. The food has been gluttonously feasted upon and digested. Most importantly, Santa has gathered his elves and reindeer for a return trip to the South Pole where they can hibernate in peace until called upon again next year. A job well done all around. Bravo.

Personally, I’ve been sick as a dog for the past week, and, quite honestly, it has taken a heavy toll on more than just my physical well-being. The ink has not exactly been flowing like a river of late. No poems. No maxims. No aphorisms. Not even a random nonsensical rant. Nada. Zilch. Zero. I haven’t succumbed to this type of atrophy in the nearly four years since I began publishing. What cruel fate has fallen upon me?

But that will be just about enough whining and complaining for now! It isn’t my natural inclination, but I had to get this column kick-started somehow. Now that the key has been turned, accelerated ignition is the only answer. It’s also a form of salvation. Full speed ahead. Pedal to the metal. Thank God this piece needs to be turned in soon. Sometimes it takes being pushed into a corner to some out swinging. Or hammering away at the keys.

Which, after much ado about almost nothing, brings me to the topic for this month: Cycles. More to the point: The New Year. It is fast coming upon us now. Hold on tight, my friends! White knuckle the wheel if necessary. The fun has only just begun, and this ride isn’t set to stop anytime soon. There’s no getting off just because 2017 is approaching its inevitable conclusion. One good spin deserves another, and 2018 is staring us down with fire in all three of its eyes.

A quick side note. Resolutions were invented just for moments such as these. Mine is to reach a higher state of health on every conceivable level so that I never again feel this deplorable and wretched. OK, back to the main script…

They twist, they turn, and as my friend Heath Brougher is fond of saying, they spiral outward. Cycles, that is. They propel us forward into the vast unknown future. They force us to mature and evolve, or else get swept under the rug of yesterday. They rip us out of the past and maneuver us toward the promise of tomorrow. There is no malice involved. Nor are they picking favorites and working in our favor. It’s simply a natural process of perpetual motion. So catch the organic surf and ride high atop that tide as it flows and fluxes through the stream of time and space. Make your resolutions now and stick to them like glue. The mountain is right there before us. Take it always one step at a time.

The photography highlighted this month was taken by Atlanta artist and poet, Chris Graves. I met Chris earlier this year at an open mic event we were both attending, and after seeing her work, quickly realized that she had a great eye behind the camera. She doesn’t just capture scenes with each snap of the lens, but creates full stories with every shot. To find out much more about her material please check out her website here.

Chris and her family are preparing to pack up and head west across the country for new adventures in Seattle, Washington soon. Sometimes the shifts in life are safe and smooth. Other times they come out of nowhere and force us into uncomfortable situations. But one thing is for certain, they always continue to move us forward along the path of life. I hope for Chris and anyone else reading this that the cycle ahead eventually adjusts its shape to become a straight line that guides you toward many amazing experiences in 2018 and beyond. Wishing everyone a Happy New Year! Selah

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