Welcome To Your Future – Now!

Rob Harle

by Robert Maddox-Harle (aka Rob Harle)

Technology is advancing so quickly it is very hard to keep up with the latest inventions and ‘miracles’ presented to us and ‘foist’ upon us daily. The impact of technology, together with over-population, is having a significant harmful effect on the global environment. Some of my images present a Dystopian future concerning environmental destruction, and also the reduction of human individuals to android/cyborg/Epsilon clones. The warnings were well documented in such texts as Aldous Huxley’s Brave New World (1932) and Alvin Toffler’s, Future Shock (1970), “We cannot plead ignorance.”

My digital artwork, created with many of these marvelous technologies, asks the question, “What future do you want for yourself and your children?

Aftermath Conference
Bidirectional Implant

Androgynes Sunbathing
The Last Tea Ceremony
Beach Party 2048
Family Beach Outing

Mother Nature on the Run

Nanoscan of a Thought Emerging from the Visual Cortex
Towards a Centre
Questioning the Ansence of Memory

Observing a Nuclear Winter


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