Poetry: Mallika Chari

Mallika Chari, Maharashtra State, India: Engaged in giving life to poetry with paint and brushes and seeking poetry from the coloured canvas, Poet & Artist Mallika Chari loves to experiment with words and colours.


Accessories accentuate our looks.
They access grace to our physique.
We adore us from head to toe.
Completing our grooming,
Footwear prides itself as the crown of the feet.
Comforting our strides,
It cuddles us.
Covering our feet,
It protects us.
It shows us our walks of life.
It helps us to put ourselves in others' shoes.
It heels us to increase our pace.
The treads we leave show our path.
The footprints we leave show our way.
Thus, footwear is the crown of feet!


Enabling us to see the world and
Enabling others to look into us,
Quite magical they are in portraying us
With just a blink of their lids.
When the heart trembles,
Filled with anguish
Still seeking for words;
A whole stretch of speechless talk
Is shaded through eyes.
Tears pour down providing a moisture
To the dryness felt inside.
When heart overflows
Filled with pleasure
Still seeking for words;
A full length of voiceless speech
Is highlighted through eyes.
Tears flow down providing a chill
To spread the freshness felt inside.
Mixing colours of emotions and
Leaving a picture of thoughts,
Quite magnificent are these simple drops;
Quite magical they are in portraying us.

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