My Son, I Want To Say Something To You!

Rameshwer Singh

- Rameshwer Singh

My son, I want to say something to you.

Though you love me so much
I wonder if I deserve the regards
You bestow upon me.

I have not forgiven myself for
Punishing you innocent little fragile soul
For something you had done
Which I did not like
Though it was the right thing you had done.
I was wrong my son.
You were right.
Still you were punished.

Till day I cry in silence
Your teary eyes and angel face.
Me you pay regard by your heart .
God resides in you,my son .

And that day my son
I took you for an evening walk.
You were riding a kid bicycle
As I was walking with you.
A road we were to go across.
Seeing both sides feeling safe
I let you ride across on your bicycle.
With little soft legs
You were paddling
With illuminance on your face
I remember my son .

And  oh a fast moving bus
Appeared from nowhere
With you right in the middle of the road,
Bus speeding towards you
And few steps away from you
I stood stunned,my son!
I yelled loudly to stop.
You did not listen.
Yes,you did not listen me,my son!
Paddled furiously to go across the road
As the bus sped past,
You safely crossing the road
Me standing totally aghast!

God saved you for us that day
You could take a right decision.
Parents are not always right my son.
Nor you consider us God.

Just consider us
Your true and honest friend.
My son,
Take your own  decisions,
Listen to your innerself,
And then decide
Even if it is against us.

Live your life with
The moral values we have taught,
With humble and kind culture
We have imbibed in you.
Be confident in this world.
Don`t get ruffled
By failures and hate.

Get immense skill,
Be kind to everyone,
Pray to God always
Respect elders,women,weak persons,
Love everyone,be loved by everyone!

World awaits you my son!

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