Yuleisy Cruz Lezcano (Italia)

Exclusive: Poetry from Europe and other Western locations: Curated by Agron Shele
Yuleisy Cruz Lezcano
Published works “Pensieri trasognati per un sogno”, 2013. “Fra distruzione e rinascita: la vita” , 2014. “Diario di una ipocrita”, 2014. “Vita su un ponte di legno”, 2014. “Cuori Attorno a una favola”, 2014. “Tracce di semi sonori con i colori della vita”, 2014. “Sensi da sfogliare”, 2014. “Piccoli fermioni d’amore”,  2015; “ Due amanti noi”, 2015, “Credibili incertezze, 2016” “Frammenti di sole e nebbia sull’Appennino, 2016”, “Soffio di anime erranti”, 2017.

I gift you a tear

I gift you a tear
hardened by time
that rolls between old words
that reverberates very deep inside.
I gift you a tear
that narrows in grief,
so it shatters in the memory
of a poor dream.
I gift you a tear
in a blow of pollen,
in a gallop of birds
that does not contain the madness that it remembers.
I gift you a tear
in an imperfect drop
that cries for the universal hunger
from the hollow orbits of the eyes.
I gift you a tear
that goes through the memory
prisoner in a drop
it slides away.


I observe the sky, the grass,
The flights of light things
From life
And its time of pauses.
I feel the life that speaks
And all the stars become
Words, words, words
Which illumintae the paths.
The smile from all the lips
Also become words,
The terms approach in deaf steps
And in the silence
Of the clock licensed by the hours,
When nobody spies among the leaves,
The sound of the voice
Is the strip of the rain that fills
Ancient wrecked islands
Of words that the feet get wet
with the inner streams
Of vague brains
Who discuss about the utility
Of a distant humanity.
The men together smile,
Without losing hope.
Water that carries, water that leaves,
Infinite ideas travel
In the pushed wave,
The wind rolls fast,
Brings somethiiing to the world that no longer expects,
Are thoughts of love, in a letter,
Written words
Interprets bits of wind, channeling ideas
And among the nation's seas they travel.
The mute Universe awakens
Cities, towns, without answers
Where people that wouldn't expect nothing,
Marveled, stand at the window
And lay down the arms to collect the ideas
Of words that open paths
For men, women, dumb and blind
That they wanted to feel clearly
The words that have power
To build bridges
Between the towns that no longer love.


The perfect mold of dreams
Is naked in the nest of the bird prophet,
And in the passage from parents to children,
Man forgets succession; he does not remember
The eloquent sounds of ablaze births
Which were burning in the wait of a name.
Man, man, where did you lose the emotion
To contemplate the rain that takes off
The flutters of the swallows in the wind?
I see in your eyes the absence of feeling,
The mental streams asleep
And I feel a hand, drags you in lost dreams,
Covers the conscience with its fingers,
The whole hand brings you the dress of indifference
When you see other men suffer
And in this humanity without name, crushed
Of the pieces of wind, I see you die without suffering
because of the death you carry in your eyes
And shout the word love,
Without comprehending its meaning.

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