Poetry: Ade Caparas Manilah

Exclusive: Poetry from Europe and other Western locations: Curated by Agron Shele
ade caparas manilah… a.k.a. Ade Orosa, ade c., Gandah Manilah, a Philippine born but an Australian citizen since 1991 says, ‘my affection for writing and poetry can be traced since i was a meagre toddler, four year old… “She could create a short story out of a piece of stone or a leaf.” my mother would say.’ i am a no lukewarm, scorpio woman, born 04 november, divorce with 10 children .. my life has always been an alternating rainbow and stormy weather! _ I am not an intellectual, only witty… and to borrow Montaigne’s word, “and so I myself see better than anyone else that these are nothing but reveries of a man who has tasted only the outer crust of science in his childhood, and has retained only a vague general picture of them: a little of everything and nothing thoroughly”. A study-addict, always a student mingling with the young… a class top notcher, a valedictorian, a declaimer, a debater during my elementary grades and high school days; also an honer student, a deans lister in all colleges and universities… i have reached my goals!

“i love so quickly so intensely like a forceful wind, smashing flood… yet i am also a fragile plum sprout that can stand unnumbered degree of velocity, still in vibrant brilliance after the storm!” _ade c.

you… haughty wind
and i
a flimsy blossom
quiet in comfort
watching the silent streams
you… in concert with
the surging flood
smash crush me!

exert forceful velocity
whip me carry me
and i, like a timid plum
willingly bend
in an idiotic surrender
in total jouissance
unmindful of my
future yesterday!

darling i love you
don’t you forget that
your wind
your flood
will come and go
smashing crushing
other blooms
but… i am rare!

art selfie & philosophical discourse: ade caparas manilah
sunday 3:05pm o4 march 2018 sydney nsw australia

“40 shades of climate change”

summer… bubbles
autumn… tickles
winter… cuddles
spring… sings
‘climate change’ arouses me!

no! wait!
please not yet
don’t don't come
you’ll ruin my silk channel

oh… ahhhhhhhhhhhh!
your ‘machiavelliangismo
in ‘kahuts’
with treacherous
thunder and lightning!

now… my silk channel is wet
hugs sculpts contours
that’s my body burning
ahhhh… your pouring rain!

naughty poem by: ade caparas manilah
sunday 3:22pm 04 march 2018
sydney nsw australia
first published: first virtual poetry.. a one-woman show: Library World Arts of Memories
11 february to 31 march 2014

“a wood nail mimics your life?”
“poetry comes in many forms: free verse, septon, haiku, quatrain, diamante, ode, epic, ballad, etc.,
but it must be appreciated without the benefit of accompanied  image… this is a great challenge…
hmmmmmmm… i’ll dip my finger  to this challenge!” _ade c.

life is a challenge, difficult to live
yet challenges  can be won

swaying trees, running brooks
pebbles nails fruits food
birds dogs books songs singing
anything under the sun
is identical to our life
they are models
mimics miniatures of our life
our challenges… 

one day, i cooked ‘lengua estofada’
hmmmmmmm yam… 2.5 kilos
kaput in one sitting

preparation was tedious
whole raw lengua boiled to skin; off thick outer skin
then simmer with all the ingredients for hours
when tender in their natural thick sauce
it’s the shining glory… salivated by all
‘lengua estofada’ is life model!

hammered fired hammered
cut scraped cut
before fine gold appears
everything… our five senses can seize  
are examples of life challenges
like now…now, a hora mismo
i am being challenged  to write a poetry
without support of an image graphic artwork

the challenge
i paint my  thoughts in words
so my readers won’t fall asleep… they are left challenged…

a wood nail mimics your life?

philo poetry by: _ade caparas manilah
sunday 3:34pm 04 march 2018
sydney nsw australia
first published: monday 5:38pm 22 june 2015 sydney australia

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