Poem: Bravo Women for Multi-tasking

Pushmaotee Subrun

Pushmaotee Subrun

According to natural selection,
Men focused on hunting skill expeditions,
Women looked after children and caring
For family and food gathering,
Prepared daily meals,
With different tasks had to deal
And so, sprung up, multi-tasking,
Without any woman sparing.

It is universally believed women are better,
At multi-tasking than men and faster.
Their involvement in child care being greater.
Besides, experiments suggest,
At skills women are best
When rapidly switching tasks, finest.

Everyone may not be natural-born multitaskers,
So, say the masters,
So, psychologists always maintain.
Unless on one activity, attention we sustain
Neuroscience confirms, myriad tasking exhausts the brain.
And productivity will go down the drain.

There are many examples of multitaskers,
The office workers,
Jump between incoming emails,
To phone calls and assignments and sending mails
In between meetings,
To emergency calls of nature attending.

Or mums simultaneously caring for two or three siblings
Cooking, cleaning, and breastfeeding,
The toddler tumbling while playing,
Suddenly the phone ringing,
Or the skype calling,
The grocery shopping list waiting,
No respite, no relaxation expecting,
What is it if not multitasking?

Researchers say women think more deeply,
While men act more impulsively.
This implies women are more equipped to stop
And manage in difficult situations or jobs.
Hats off to the ‘supertaskers’ who though tired,
With constant switching, must stay wired.

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