Poetry: Louis Kasatkin

By Louis Kasatkin

Louis is editorial administrator at www.DestinyPoets.co.uk and founder of Destiny Poets and in his spare time is a civic, community, political activist, blogger and general nuisance to the status quo!
 Louis Kasatkin


When every tale
has been told
and every story unfolded
and folded back in on itself,
we will search for answers
within ourselves
and find them missing,
buried somewhere else
but without a treasure map;

From the shuttered concert hall
we still hear
the evocative lament
of Albinoni's adagio;
From dog-eared postcards
we recall the late summers
when time swayed
beneath the palm fronds
and evenings gleamed
with faded opulence cast
from the sea-front hotel;

( Our story arc crumbled even then )

We remember those snatches
of hardboiled dialogue
we read in Chandler's "Big Sleep"
one about the blind not getting to see
and in all the milliard refractions
in all of time, space and history,
we sign the confession presented to us
by an indifferent Inquisition.

Mechain  et  Delambre  (A Tale of Two French Mathematicians)

Under the aegis of science as deity
they sought to create
a new church and laity,
replacing local customary
ancient measures and weights
they did away with clocks
calendars and all of the dates;
Mechain et Delambre
set out on their stroll
to measure the distance
from Equator to Pole:
one ten-millionth
of the length of the Meridian
was supposed to establish
the Metre as quotidian:
1792 Revolution in the air
beset the journeys
of this empirical pair,
on their quest for
the measure of all things
so as to make uniform
the length of all strings.

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