Poetry: M. Hanif

Md. Hanif

- Md. Hanif

My Mother

To see her in the morning
A picture came to my heart
How withered her face now
It was so as, she begot me
No, but why?
Her dying hairs, crying fingers
And so the parts all
Not looking well
Even the tongue
But her lap is still open
To love me more
As yet been
I saw her dress, dirty
Not due to that, as, I
In the childhood
Standing with the sticks
Is there God in the place
Where we go for peace?
Here, I see my mother as,
The mother of all
Of all's mother
Let me serve my mother
To leave the world alone
Either knowing to all or unknown
And be me with the sky
With the green with their fly.

The Pain of a Bird

Here, the people sit for rest
From the East and the West
In the summer of the noon
Take their pairs and moon
Here the cows sit with peace
And the children for dress
Among the world's lovely face
Green leaves, green wounds both talk here
Without fear to each other
How pleasant the river, and springs
As a rock along with feelings
Over the trees, beneath the rays
Lightening the earth in days
Here, the wind blows with dance
As, clouds within enhance
To bring the rain for world
Without caring the frightened bird
Here, men hear the song long
Not knowing the pains of whom
And enjoy the day whole
With the new and the old
Here, there lives a bird too
On the branches of bamboo
Weeping with both eyes
And cry for thrice, twice

( 2 )
To see the town and crowd
How they waste and do proud
Here, trees sob with grown
Leaves withering for non
Who cut and pluck them in drain
How, we can live and adore the rain
Here a pain lying in the heart of a bird
Can it be washed by the flood?
No, here all are hungry for all
Only He can save our fall
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