Poetry: Jimmy Sharma

Jimmy Sharma
Murmuring Heart

The force of love
That I thought I would conceal,
Heaves with tears of joy,
Synchronizing with beats of my heart.

He is there
 oscillating between me and the altar
where I worship.
I feel I am the world.
I hear the murmur of Ages.

Ceaselessly I long
for that human heart
 for hatching the bond--
the bond of love,
the bond of emotion,
the bond of relation.

I wish I converse with him,
I wish I embrace him,
I wish I unite with him,
Lone I wait at the altar.

Solitary Journey

Bemoaning and sobbing
for the dead past
exhaust the relief of joys
 of the living present
The solitary heart, then
wastes what is acquired
and melts into
brutal display
of a long complaining desire.
The dispossessed begins to whimper,
dissolve lively endowments in tears
and clings to the broken moon
of unfulfilled yearnings and irrepressible fears;
unknown to others.
The constant personal striving
and the spirit of resilience pump in the heart
the vital endeavour to become a cultivator
that uproots weeds of grief
and become worthy holder of true belief.
The heart, then seeks
visionary patterns of genuineness and peace
and experiences buoyant life and happiness
with endurance, progression, and goodness.


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