*Pictorial Poetry*

Mazher Hussain Abdul Ghani

Mazher Hussain Abdul Ghani (Haraeen Hussain)

Pictures often tell the stories and talk louder to express pains, anxieties, glamor, grace, elegance, dignity, cruelty, Innocence, truth and all other hidden feelings and emotions. A poet is a creator who dwell deep into the world of imaginations by gazing at a pictorial view to capture the translucent images of compassion. The delight of a poet becomes a pictorial view when pain enters in the realm of light, imaginations set their journeys on the wings of divine figures, and fly in the celestial sanctum to formulate a film of memories, where emotions dance in naked ecstasy and embrace the rhythmic flow of verses. In pictorial poetry, the poet plays with the words in fascination, and accentuates each aspect of that picture, steeply angeled eyes, hollowed cheeks, silvery breasts, and heavenly braids, conquers the shallowness of the spectators. Pictorial poetry to a poet is a beautiful language of expression. It is a world of images where one can express his feelings and emotions freely in words. It is not just love, experience, life and nature, It is the wholeness. It is beyond words, and just like art, where a poet paints the picture of emotions on the canvas of life, words dance in the open sky of love. It is filled with rhythms and ideas, not necessarily for perfection, but expression. One can easily flow in the rhythmic passions of poetry, because it is our, heart, soul and mind. People are writing poetry on images since ages. Every soul who is creative and creates the magic of words is an inspiration to others. Poets perceive the beauty of images by drowning deep into that sea to take the readers into another world of trance and beauty. The existing world around us tempts us to compose the verses to glorify Nature and its objects. The pictures and noise of hummingbirds, echo of the wind in an open expanse, the music of flowing water in rivers, the vastness of the sea, the eloquence of the night, the beauty of flowers, the sunrise and the sunset and the serenity of the soul in solitude, naked pictures of reality, a child's cry, war relics, are the such pictorials to portray on the canvases of imaginations. All these aspects have their own charms and divine music to enchant the mind of the poet, who produces beautiful words to glorify the natural phenomenon. While this world is filled with business and politics, pictorial poetry has a divine magic to infuse rich essence in life. Everything what I see is a poetry to me, as a poet I believe in it.

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