Hasije Selishta-Kryeziu, Kosovo

Exclusive: Poetry from Europe and other Western locations: Curated by Agron Shele
Hasije Selishta-Kryeziu was born in April 13 of the year 1960 in Kamenica, Kosovo.  She sattended the elementary and high education at her birthplace and latter on, she attended the University of Prishtina for Jurisprudence in Prishtina.

Hasija has 8 volumes of poetry published and 2 novels. 
For her creations in prose and poetry she has won with some prizes locally and worldwide. Her poems are included in the Anthology, where many other international authors are presented translated in a few languages.

She is member of WPS, IWA and member of Board “ATUNIS”

E Mail: hasije.kryeziu@hotmail.com

1 - Accusation

When you become an old oak
Don’t you turn your slips
Towards my shadow
The golden crown
Don’t you seek it
It has left.

In the circles of the trunk
Don’t you devour
The density of cells

The golden crown
Don’t let it on the top
Of the body wall
It stays an innocent

2- The Steps 

The stretched steps
They turn in movement
They fall
Cross the bridge

And downs
They absorb
The dust
Left behind.

3-The glass 

Times empty
Times full
Seek escape
How to escape from
From madness

No one observes
The interior
A drop of poison
A wound that seeks to be healed

Empty glass
Full glass
A world that seeking the change

The glass
Never gets dry
The change is nowhere.

4- Flight of the birds 

In the sky
Birds fly
Resolve at the pains

Birds fly
In the twilight
Wander through the fly

They are devoured in the sky
From the fog
In flight they are lost

Birds fly
Through the sky
The flight is eternal.

5- Desire 

I desire
To sit on the grass
To be clothed in greenery
For a moment to rest
To escape even from myself

I desire to be a flower
And to watch myself as I grow
In its pink petals
To write my name

I desire
To watch the dove
As it flies
And I desire to fly
To fly, to fly.

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