Poetry: Saikat Gupta Majumdar

Saikat Gupta Majumdar

John Mcenro Lane

At a corner of the town
A man was passing through a lane
An old narrow one
With the scholar’s house to burglar’s den

Both the famous and notorious too
The lane can be so claimed
Town’s richest fellow, Macenro John
After whom the lane was named.

Things are born and keep dying
With the years that pass on
And are witnessed by the lane
For last hundred years or more,
Some are hateable , shocking to the million
Some gives pleasure to the hearts of crore.

But, a tradition goes over the burial of events
With rising and set of sun
Keeping alive the old name,
Although the air brings away both un fame and fame

The man was filled with thought
Came suddenly in sense and walked again
Leaving that old narrow but not forlorn – ‘John Mcenro Lane’.

Bachelor’s Den 

Fifteen men looked down the lane
From behind the houses and their window panes
A pretty woman with her lovely dog passed every morning
Whether it’s sunny or a nasty fog.

She was lady Helen
And had been so passing since she was ten,
Every brick of the houses came closer to her
But the men who lived in peeped from a little far.

She felt their presence behind the scene
From every fall of leaves to the further green
And so went on with the pretty Helen.
Who did not marry leaving that ‘Bachelor’s den’,
The poor Helen is no more today
But still the fifteen men are
And await for her every morning only from a far.

Face bravely and win

Tough time never last
But the tough men do,
Perhaps this is a tough phase You’re passing through.

Time rotates with movements of the earth
In a cycle of tough and fair
A man has never faced sorrow
Is found very rare.

As dawn awaits behind the darkness
With the desire to lighten all
A man who steadily endures in sorrow
Can have the prosperity after all.

So keep all the worry aside
And see the world in a brave man’s view
For tough times never last
But the tough people do.

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