Skin Poems: Shyamasri Maji

Shyamasri Maji


Lying prone on her little breasts
The senile sun heaves a sigh
Her skin hums an evening raga
Dusk and dawn have a knot to tie
Shreds of love on a lotus leaf
Stars fathom the midnight blue
He counts the lines on her face
Moonlight peeps into their loo

My Mottled Skin

Tonight, the sea raves
Black and white waves
Salt and pepper in the air
My mottled skin
Wrapped up in sin
Sips moonlight on a chair.
Shame has lost her senses
Sprinkle water on her face
She may die of salt and pepper
I’ll sip moonlight on my chair

Backless Blouse

The eagle flies high, across the tailored sky
Dipped in chocolate brown
Brocade clouds adrift, above her molten midriff
The silken sun kneels down

Narrow edges glide, the voyeurs chide
Flaky skin flaunts fashion!
Stay in your room, mock epic of a broom
Fasten your shrewish passion.

Framed in a fragile knot, an acre of patchy plot
The moon melts on the river cold
She catches a flying fish, unbuttons a dewy wish
Her blouse—backless and bold

The Witch

 A dolphin dives into my hairy cheek
Along the jaw line of our ancient creek
Across the hills and the purple fawn
I will ride a horse in the starlit dawn
My hooded cloak upon your eyes
Cloistered walls burrowed by mice
Cats do couch in the cauldron of love
Broomstick flies on the wings of dove


  1. The poems are evocative and help restore to us our humanity, which is daily eroded by work, drudgery, gadgetry and what not. Congratulations to Shyamasri who deals with these sensuous moods with finesse...

    Richard O'Connor

    1. Many thanks for your thoughtful observation. Regards.


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