Voices Within: Tapeshwar Prasad

Tapeshwar Prasad has authored blend of five surrealistic and realistic poetry books, and has been featured in Camel Saloon (U.K.), Cordite Poetry Review (Australia), The Aquillrelle Wall of Poetry, Crashing Waves (USA), Scaling Heights (an Anthology on Contemporary Indian English Poetry), inklinks, Anthesis, Episteme, Heavenly Hymns, I am A Poet, Just for you My Love, Kaafiyana, Resonance (Poets, Artists unplugged), The Significant Anthology, Rhyme with Reason, World Anthology of English Poetry, Acerbic Anthology, Mandela Tributes, Whispering Winds, Intercontinental Anthology of Poetry on Universal Peace, Hall of Poets and many more. He has been included thrice as ICOP: Roll of Honour (U.K.)


She has been doing it
for quiet some time
in the garb of a faint smile
All these years, and before
She could strain herself
to sieve in her pain
Guarding her happier moments
Lest, it must not erupt
Wailing those unforgettable torment
She would always lure herself
into a sobering smile, that
on a casket of painful riches
that she could trust,
She could do onto her
What a lost memory could do
to herself -
As she has been doing this
since her memory was gone


Writing poetry is
no paper boat
Dangling on a shallow surface
It is all those mysterious rowing
Over an oceanic tides and turns
Frothing imagery out of the rolling waves

No less inspired
are the minions of my soul
The more depth I dive by my oar
Much more flight remains, balking
Over an uncharted terrains
Giving wings to my thoughts


Age was sinking fast -
layer by layer
from that worn-out table, where
An old glass
Holding up its fragile stand
keeping its past memory submerged
in those days of my childhood, She would
Grip her fingers around
the warm milk
and would stretch her hands out towards my mouth
to gurgle it lovingly
Luring me with toys, and lullaby

I plaint a sad cry -
The wherewithal of that touch


It pawed slowly
by night whiskers
with big protruding eyes -
An unfamiliarity sits mutely
by the sill of an open window
Ushered me into
some lonesome past
Long before
As I dwelt
my memory
into its familiarity
It came heavily
Upon me, and
Walled me from inside
Dilating its vision
into truncated silence

Voices Within Complete List of Poets :: Setu, January 2019

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