Voices Within: Amit Shankar Saha

Dr. Amit Shankar Saha is an award-winning poet and short story writer. He has won the Poiesis Award for Excellence in Literature and Wordweavers Prize amongst other awards. He has also been nominated for the Pushcart Prize and the Griffin Poetry Prize. His works have received commendable mention in Cha ‘Void’ Poetry Contest and Wingword Poetry Contest. His articles, stories and poems have appeared in newspapers, magazines, journals and anthologies nationally and internationally. He has authored a collection of poems titled Balconies of Time. He is an Assistant Professor in the Department of English at Seacom Skills University.

Building the Pacific Ocean

Tonight, I can build the Pacific Ocean,
plunging into a buoyant darkness,
send sonars from my lips
to bounce at your depths.
I can dig deep and hold
water on pillars of patience.
On other days it may take years
but not tonight...
Tonight, is the night when
grief consorts with delight,
an ailing body renews its cells
in an obstinate wait
at the placid surface
for a recalcitrant echo.

The Water Diviner

Your words at the end of the week
beget a month of wordlessness

My words become a tourniquet
on my vacillating forehead

You are the gloaming of the day
slowly fading out on tiptoes

My solicitude becomes frail
as memories starve in the night

I, a water diviner, search
for a solvent to sustain life

A gossamer world spins a web
to entrap my unconsciousness

Atoms of My Psyche

Butterflies in the grass swing from stems
Two storks’ flap over electric poles
The moor by the marshland moan dissent
Far on the circumference traffic ply
A warm wind makes my eyelids blink
A breeze makes a long leaf discontent
From outside the transparent panes
Spying trees look into my face
Shaking in disbelief at the opacity
Of some indefinite influence


A pole tilts on stilled breeze
A bare-branched tree laughs at the sky
Climbers climb down the fence in a rotten mass
The metaled road mixes with the red path
A caged fan flips the summer air under a bored light
Plants in pots hide sounds of sustenance
Behind the wind, wind-chimes rehearse being dead
Blindness is the smell of coffee we never had

Voices Within - Complete List of Poets ::  Setu, January 2019

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