Voices Within: Mushtaque B Barq

Mushtaque B Barq is a poet, short story writer. His translation works on Sufi Poets of Kashmir and columns are well appreciated. He was awarded with Azaz i Alamdar Kashmir by Markazi Adab wa Sakafat Chari Shrief. His poetry and coulms are published in national and International Portals. He was awarded Editor's Choice Award by Poetry.com and certificate of appreciation by International Journal in English for his contribution in Ghazal writing in English.


Never did I layover for Death
For He sniffed- I thought a gentle gasp
In the temporal limelight and mirth
Forgot I in vain His robust grasp.

He often from my friendly doors next
In jiffy brings all in a Circle
From royal texture into the Text-
Mortals what else, save just a Rubble.

Time and again walked I off turf
With a sigh so high in smile's disguise
How long Ah! shall I from Him as 'Serf' 
Stay unnoticed from infinite Skies.

We all promoted shall be to glory
Whose eyes who knows shall the last dew donate
For if we wrap, we shall due in turn be
That is what is all written in one's fate.

Ghazal 1

 A thread on the bund of the liquid heart of city I lost
 For orphan wish how visciously an old hut pretty I lost.

In void like unruly snake this sigh crawled down the jointed reed
The reliable comrade in want once deputy I lost.

What grain the wild wind on wide wings cart to the vandalised vale
That what me a man gentle maketh upright beauty I lost.

Of yester spins, the vast infinite of wisdom on the cross
Like notorious night on dove's light limb so hefty I lost.

From that towering dome even a stone who in rude rush snatched
The hand heavy, that wormy head's veiled validity I lost.

Walnut rudders rule the fading waves, the weeds to beds dictate:
In sectarian filth do float, what fluidity I lost.

In the blazing hearth of hatred the molten hemlock spilled beans 
That guilty skeletons numerous from shelves empty I lost.
Ghazal 2

What ail ye dropped on the floor of love, O Saqi!
That now lovers drop at the door of love, O Saqi!
In the Arc of Noah two sailors wandering by
Had ye not in place set the aor of love, O Saqi!
In thy furious wild Wind what solitary song
Telling of beads no more at the shore of love, O Saqi!
Upside down ye all my goblets willingly put
For to compensate the store of love, O Saqi!
Topless towers of gnosis soaring in the Thins
Who save You taught the lore of love, O Saqi!
Confined be like a kernel of nut to men ordinary
In depths only dwell the core of love, O Saqi!
Ah! this reed in pain sings a solo sweet
Secret swells in the bore of love, O Saqi!
Ghazal 3
What fluid silvery bring you out tonight,
That on planks old resting the doubt tonight.
Too gloomy, two wayward snakes why on the mount,
That devotee's bird, making a shout tonight.
On the goblet of blood, who shall his sign put,
For blank is the bard's sharp tool about tonight.
Come, little table at the Dal gate is on,
For the rich and the poor, I've fried trout tonight.
From darvesh's bowl, what a mysterious bread
Turned this grey matter into devout tonight.
Fallen frill an amber now of towered wood,
From the coldest ashes what spores sprout tonight!
The dawn shrank into the corner of my grave,
But a beam in plaintive mood is out tonight.
Voices Within - Complete List of Poets :: Setu, January 2019

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