Voices Within: Rizwana Parveen

Rizvana Parveen (b. 1973) is an Indian poet, writer and educator. Her work has appeared in The Enchanting Verses Literary Review, The World Haiku Review, Taj Mahal Review, Asian American Poetry, Kafla Inter-continental, Contemporary Literary Review, Suvarnarekha: An Anthology of Indian Women Poets Writing in English edited by Nandini Sahu (The Poetry Society of India, 2014); The Dance of The Peacock: An Anthology of English Poetry from India edited by Vivekananda Jha (Hidden Brook Press, Canada, 2013); Contemporary Poetry: An Anthology of Present Day Best Poems (Volume 2), Edited by Dr. Deepak Chaswal, CreateSpace, India; Po’ try – Bengaluru Poetry Festival 2016 Anthology, Raindrops Company, Bangalore.

The Search

The sky dark
and gloomy,
the monsoon rain
pouring incessantly,
my mind resonating
like sporadic thunder,
surfaced the inner turmoil
and tumultuous disturbance.
My soul like grief filled
broken clouds pouring
their heart out,
tormenting yet soothing me
The aftermath tranquillity
and serenity reminds me
of my meaninglessness again.
What I yearn for?
I often ponder.
An unquenchable thirst
for completeness
deepens within me.
The calmness of the
azure sky cannot
efface the
emptiness within.

A New Day

Their wicked faces
grow without mercy
and sympathy,
they run hysterically
for fame and power,
lacking vision, the owl-eyed
tread without fear
in hollow spaces
forsaking humanity.
Surrounded by darkness,
A poor man looks on
helplessly with protruding
eyes and diseased body,
envisioning of a new day.

Gossip mongers

Malicious men and women
and their inconsistent
continuous chatter,
their prying eyes
and their horse laugh,
venomous tongues
leaping out to vomit elsewhere;
their way of belittling others
and glorifying themselves,
the hypocrisy of goodness
revealed and the shallowness
of mind projected,
 causing harm and hurting
motives behind contrived motives,
slyness within
unrevealed are their hidden
intentions of heart and soul;
chameleons of society,
vampires of yesteryears,
They are more difficult to deal with
than the beasts of jungle.

Voices Within - Complete List of Poets :: Setu, January 2019

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