Voices Within: Sanhita Sinha

Sanhita Sinha, native of Tripura, is a teacher, a bilingual poet. Her poems got published in different national and international anthologies, journals & magazines like" HEAVENS ABOVE POETRY BELOW ",,"A HAIKU TREASURY " ,"IN OUR OWN WORDS", "SCALING HEIGHTS " " EPITAPHS" " MILENGE”,  IFLAC PEACE ANTHOLOGY, " BETRAYAL " ,"GLOMAG", " SHADOW CRAFT "" KIRNOKAL" ,"ANTOHKORON" " RUPANTAR " ," PURBHABASH " " GALAXY" , " TARUN KOBIDER KOBITA" , " KOBITAR KHEYA" etc. Apart from writing she is actively engaged in cultural activities too, she is a regular artist of television and radio.


I can not remember well 
All the songs that thakuma used to sing.
But her stitches on the wrappers are still young in my memory .
Our noons were filled with her songs and stitches .
She was the rain of my dry lonely childhood days.
I can remember well her dancing needle and 
Her singing lips,red with betel juice.

Slowly Thakuma's eyes became weak & brought so many struggles.
But she didn't stop her embroidery.
My role as her partner,too had changed then.
I helped the thread to go through her needle.
I helped her in making lines & designs.
Wearing her spectacles my thakuma
Moved her needle,sang those 
Archaic folk songs.
And lived her youth & days that were gone.

I listened them, sang them too..
Ah !! What were those days !
when she was embroidering memories to relish.

It's been years now..
She is no more..
Neither I do those embroideries nor sing those songs.
But whenever I find a "nakshi kantha"
Her singing smiling face flashes before my eyes.
Who once taught me ,with all struggles
Life must go on.

Looking at the blue firmament 
Now I silently whisper
Thank God! Those were the days
When old age homes were not
So popular !

** thakuma : Granny
** nakshi kantha : wrappers with artistic designs.

In memory

Silently I watched the cacophonic madding crowd.
I witnessed the painted faces of life shouting loud.
All the hustle bustles I watched with glee.
all your advises, instructions I listened carefully.
I've witnessed how your passion flooded.
How you rebelled & brought life on celluloid.
The screen glowed with your smile.
How you moved the society
With your words and your style.

Yes,I was ,I am your third eye, your camera,
Who have witnessed that golden era.
Still I miss those thoughtful fingers,
once tapped and danced on me!
All are now but a sweet memory!
With all deafening silence
still waiting for your command
When You will order & move
your magic wand.
To steal the hearts of everyone
Again You will order & shout,
" Roll camera and Action!"

Voices Within - Complete List of Poets :: Setu, January 2019

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