Edit: Setu Special: Western Voices

Sunil Sharma
After the huge popularity of the January edition featuring 48 poets from across India under the section Indian Poetry in English, there was a similar demand for showcasing the best of poetry from the Western world. An identical venture was then willingly undertaken by the celeb poet Scott Thomas Outlar. As usual, Scott did a fine job. Here is the spotlight on the most happening poets, 32 in numbers. They would take you on great journeys via startling syntax, imagery, style and imagery, the hallmark of great poetry. Many of these poets have already announced their individual arrival and earned high-name recognition. The verbal and mental travel to fresh realms of higher cognition and consciousness is going to be thrilling.
One thing is sure: You will not be disappointed!
In his excellent Introduction to this special edition, Scott outlines his own aesthetics and poetics, while discussing their works and his own editorial choices. It is one of the finest meditations on the field by a most respected poet, himself creating waves across the cyberspace for his vision, talent and prodigious output. His brief summing up of the efforts of the poets selected is very lyrical. The best selecting the best!
We remain grateful to dear friend Scott for his continual support. Choosing the right voices for the right platforms has never been an easy job for any editor. But Scott decidedly delivered quality and against a tight deadline---and in a thoroughly professional manner.
Setu congrats all the featured poets here from different countries: Varied geographies and cultures connected by a common love for poetry in a rich and flexible language spoken in so many locations of a globalised world. Those not included, there is always the next year.
The entire selection is a melody of beautiful strains, all merging in a harmony, under the baton of a maestro.
It is mesmerizing!
This issue is also fiction-heavy this time.
We have a novel in serial form written by eminent editor-author Glory Sasikala, followed by two novellas. The one by Duane Vorhess is highly experimental and radical. The other by Jonel Abellanosa is more traditional but equally appealing in its story-telling and imagery. You will find the three novelists at their peak of their narrative voices. The prose section will decidedly open up new vistas of experiences and provide insights into being human.
And different countries to explore via these novelists of repute.
So the edition is devoted to arts and celebrates the spirit and creativity of human soul in quest of higher truths.
Please enjoy the fare!
In case of suggestions, do write in.
We are listening.
Your valued patronage has made Setu cross the critical 6 lakh mark. It is again a great achievement and made possible due to the overall support of reading and writing communities operating in both Hindi and English.
We hope for the same kind of love in coming months as well.
Sunil Sharma,
Setu, English, India
February 28, 2019

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