Dr. De Vincent Miles, PHILIPPINES


The old world as she knew it had drastically changed.
She no longer marveled at her body’s need to breathe,
eat, drink, sleep or rest.
She felt in her bones the stamina of her forefather Atlas
and the courage of Achilles running through her genetics.
Enabling her to almost never tire, creative
in facing the gruesome challenges of life and vanities.

She transformed into a goddess woman
who lives to her true potential.
She embodied the divine wisdom of the Gods
who taught her to see through blindfolded eyes
The new world’s injustices, indignities
that rendered her resistant to fear of causing disappointments.
She no longer takes constant care not to break something
or break someone.

She transformed through powerful magical lightning.
Suddenly had a change of heart and
became invulnerable to almost all forms of hurt
or damage to her femininity.
She willed herself to lose control even for a moment
simply just to grieve; to accept that death comes to us all.
And as life is still ahead of every man and woman living
So is the secret wisdom her cousin Athena had shared her
to show her the way to victory or give her the knowledge to conquer
almost any obstacle. She is relentless, powerful.
An empowered woman.


In the world of humanoids
The great Spirit shed in our planet
The heart of mankind
the first and the original gemstone
the winged chosen one
endowed with powers of the mind,
the soul, the space and time.
She rose with the zeal of the phoenix
Rising from the ashes
Responding to the spit of salt and brimstone
To showcase her power over reality
In a civilization built on strongest technology
She surged the universe
To shed justice and wisdom.
She is the legend of the Legendarius
Who taunted and jibed
The slow legacy of mechanical monsters
of the turtle god dressed fully with jealous jewelry.
The city of old anger stumbles
with the help of a romantic poet
She built a Pyramid of society
Akin to the stars
She crossed over synthetics
And artificial mortal scales
From the womb of the galaxies
To the depth of the desert sand
The world needs more of her clones
A diamond kind of a woman.

Dr. Milagros V.T Garcia a k a De Vincent Miles is an educator, a poet and a translator. She has so far edited ten anthologies on 21st Century Literature in the Philippines and the world which are published at Amazon.com. She works as a Master Teacher at MLQSHS DepEd Manila, Philippines and is also at present an Associate Editor Abroad for Kafla Intercontinental which printed and published her latest book titled ‘Enliven Minds’. She is one of the contributors of the Amaravati Poetic Prism, India (2017 & 2018) that showcase her poems in her native tongue Tagalog, also translated into Hindi, Punjabi and Romani. Her works can be seen on: https://www.amazon.com/s?k=milagros+v.t.garcia&ref=nb_sb_noss.

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