Dr. Kamani Jayasekera, SRI LANKA


“Words could kill
if not immediately
After they seep into conscience
Absorbed, soaked and digested
To corrode and infest the system”,
She complained in utter misery.

To which in return she was asked,
“So why not understand reality?
Why seek out meanings?
He himself might not have realised
What flowed out of his mouth.
It normally is habit or nature
That contaminates and dictates the flow.”

“More like a scream of varied emotion
Sans sense or intelligence.”
Can a dog meow like a cat?
Or cats bark like dogs?
Or would a human willingly
Disgrace his breeding and
Humiliate his parents in doing so?


" Nangi cannot do anything
She only does kakki" said Dilan having
observed his new sister for a few days.
"She does not even pee, for
She does not have a peewee!!"
He explained to amused adults
In his sweet ignorance.

Did you know the difference little Seya?
That boys were not the same as girls?
You would have watched your brother
Making water, without much thought
For your mind would not have known
What to hide and what not to.

Mama had not warned you,
Not to let anyone touch you there
For you were just a little toddler
A trusting little bud, just a few years
Out of her womb seeking yet to
snatch an occasional suckle at her nipple.

You would not have understood the pain
or the reason for the unbearable hurt
When ripped, crushed and trampled on.
Did they gag you little girl? For
No one had heard your screams
giving voice to the agony inflicted
Though your eyes would have
recognised and registered.

You would not have even felt the relief
When ultimately the convulsions ended
Your jiggered breath suddenly ceased to be.


‘But I said "NO" she sobbed
indignant and hurt
'verbally, yes',
yet her physique and expression
communicated a different story'.

'A No is a No,' he had no right
to victimize her person
a punishable offence
a crime against women
did he not have a mother?
a sister maybe?

'Would they have checked her
They would have realized her
she had been responsive,
proving a traitor, betraying
refuting her refusal.

A ready participant, an accomplice
to the deed' he said
With a slight smirk on his lips.
'How dare he! How dare he!! How dare he!!!
She screamed, deeply hurt
by the insult on injury.

'A wild cat' mused the constable
taking notes, yet formality
required inquiry, though
there be no “evidence”
hence there was no option
'Let Justice Prevail!'

Dr. Kamani Jayasekera teaches in the Department of Western Classical Culture at the University of Kelaniya, Sri Lanka. She has to her name 7 poetry collections and 5 short story collections, in English. As an academic writer, she has also published 9 books introducing the classics of the Western world in Sinhala. Her contribution in English to this field is on Classical Greek Drama. She has published 3 books on the subject. The next, 'Classical Greek Tragedies on Sri Lankan Stage' is under publication. Prof. Dr. Kamani Jayasekhara is the recipient of the prestigious State Literary Award and Godage Literary Award several times for her writing along with Gold Medals from the University of Kelaniya. In 2018, she was honoured with the Godage Award for her lifetime contribution to English literature. She lives a quiet life with her husband (having lost her dog Komali recently) in a country house ove looking a paddy field and has a crowd of crows and birds as her friends.

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