Dr Rajwanti Mann, INDIA

LET’S MOVE                             

Let’s move
Come with me
How long will you continue to be a mute spectator? 
Will stare the bare jungles;
The thoughtless void;
Haul up this sloth?

Let’s go to the rompy river
Booming /jumping /purling
Flattening the roughed terrains
Even a bubble riding upon it
To save its existence
Runs towards sea
In quest for destination!

Let’s go
To collide with the order
That distributes penury
With illusory seductions
That crushes humane hearts
Draws up dividing lines

Let’s move to save the petrichor of earth,
Conserve each drop of blood,
Give a sweet lap,
Discover our latent cascade
To know our might
Then, I will remain with you, forever
O my confidante, my heart!


It is difficult for red eyes
To recite green poems
Eulogizing   morbid manuscripts
Is like singing megh malhaara(rain songs)
In the desert of Kaala handi

Quietly keep on watching
The tightening mathematical nooks around fields
Scattering lives of adolescents on black roads
Sacrificing best generations to undeclared wars
And screams of toddlers!

Behind the curtains
The queering silence of best minds,
Floating boats on loose sands,
Speeches drawing lines on waters,
Falling unconscious of trepid pigeons
 Smelling of devastation of inhabitations!

Which is this tide?
That cannot count or hear the groans!

I want to forget bitterness of my tongue
Also, the burning tears
You please assure me
That if I put a blanket upon you, times
The chirping cuckoos will be born tomorrow
The fields, the apricots will flourish
My children – grandchildren will not blame me
Why could the tattered shroud not become a barricade?
Why were the artists mum?
On forfeited concerns
Why tongues were tight lipped  
That ought to be restless!
You please assure me!


Let me go down
And down in the deep well
Let me sink in abyss of silence

In that marsh
The clamours, the cries, the screams
Don’t deafen my ears

Niggling and vituperations; trashy abuses
All vocalic brunt;
Stone pelting;
Get submerged in mud mortar

Sitting in that deep trough
The black scars of one’s heart and mind
Appear more clearly

Weaving esthetical dreams
Playing in the lap of horizons
Is exceedingly felicitous

Let me go down!
In my own womb!!

Dr Rajwanti Mann, a well-known poet, writer and, researcher, is a recipient of the Haryana Sahitya Akademi’s Shreshth Kriti Puruskaar-2017; Haryana Urdu Sahitya Academy Award-2012 and the Mahila Achiever Samman of Haryana Government. She has authored ten books and more than thirty papers. She writes in Hindi, Urdu & English. Her poems regularly appear in all leading magazines. A Post Graduate in History & Urdu with a PhD from the Panjab University, Chandigarh, she has worked in Haryana State Archives as Deputy Director. She has recently been nominated as the Member of Standing Committee of Indian Historical Record Committee by Ministry of Culture, Government of India.

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