Dr. S. Barathi, INDIA


Woman is a world within
Without her, the world is nothing.
A doubled edged weapon
That could make or mar things that she comes upon.
Some consider her as meek and humble
But remember if you fumble,
She can turn out to be your anchor.
She could protect  you from all troubles like a saviour
From the elements she came
And into the elements she will go - not as a dame
But as a blessed damsel scintillating
Happiness, joy and freedom
On the earth and around the universe;
Her presence vibrating the entire cosmos
With the sound of Aum...


The one in many
Many in one.
Multitudinal names
She is Minavati* or Hemavati*
as daughter to someone,
Better half for the other
adorning the garb of Modesty
with feminine elegance.
Managing the crying baby on one hand
browsing over the files on the other.
To a distant whistle
her ears do respond.
Then, runs toward
Yesterday's half-organized cup board.
Day to day she shuttles
home to work, work to home,
and night to night
tries to catch-up with family,
Thus. her life moves on,
the story of every female child.

* Indian female names


Angel cloaked in human form
Caring and nurturing
the seed laid by him.
She is ever pervasive
Protecting and preserving
her part of flesh.
She is omnipotent and omniscient
whenever there is a need
for her saplings.
For all those months
leaving her desires and delicacies
that her tongue craves.
Like a saint she renounces
her comfort and wellbeing
For the sake of the newbie.
Her work continues
even after she brought
IT on the earth.
"Ma.…", the universal word
that makes her emotive.
Despite the hurdles,
She continues to toil
till IT reaches a stage
where IT could no more bear
all her affectionate shower.
Forgetting all this,
IT boasts as if it's made of heaven,
not remembering the place
once IT was.

Dr. Barathi Srinivasan is a poet, creative writer and translator, working as an Assistant professor at Srinivasa Ramanujan Centre, SASTRA Deemed to be University, Kumbakonam. She has to her credit an edited book "Diasporas and Dilemmas: The voice of an Exile" and translated a short story collection by Mr. Sundar Rajan in Tamil "Nithiyakkalai", and Jayanti M Dalal's novel in Tamil titled "Arindum Ariyaamalum". Her poems were published in several national and international anthologies. Besides, she has published many researcher papers in International peer reviewed and SCOPUS indexed journals.

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