Dr. Vasuprada Kartic


Qualities that surely have a celestial origin is what makes you You
However terrestrial or how much ever real you seem otherwise.

Nothing of you can ever be mundane if we see through the right lens
Telescope is not the requirement but expanded consciousness to really focus.

Each quality shining through the haze that forms the shroud,
Shining through in the simple acts of everyday life.

At birth the Sun shines on you and gives you the ability to smile
To radiate the safe life-giving warmth that envelopes all your peoples.
A leader is born!

 The Moon in your body to accommodate and in your mind to share,
To nurture and foster a life and give it to the world as only you can do.
A Mother is born!

Mars in you pierces through any enemy line if you need to fight
Fight for the rightful place and the rights of those who are deprived 
A warrior is born!

Mercury’s wings and quick feet give you quick thinking and agility
To be a brilliant business mind to run not just homes but, businesses too!
A brilliant mind is born!

Venus permeates your being in all that is artful and creative
 inside you and around you, in the acceptance, tolerance and love in all the moments.
An inspiration is born!

Jupiter’s wisdom reflects in you as a Mother, sister, daughter, a friend and a spouse
In the sage advice that comes in the most thought out words.
An Advisor is born!

Saturn is seen in the discipline you expect of yourself and others
How the boundary of a ‘No’ is learnt with respect and perseverance
A determination is born!

What has come down to the earth has the same in it as does Earth itself,
Inviting and supporting the growth of all that supports life.
A Woman is born!


Oh! The glorious virtues that epitomized the ‘Archetype’ of a wife*
What inspired the words coming to create this?
A moralistic dogmatic framework?
Or was it a deep intuition about the future?
To know the future woman?

The modern-day woman has broken the shackles
The bondage implied for a slave has
Metamorphosed into loving bonding
Wisdom no more restricted to advising just the husband but,
Really being the minister
Her culinary expertise is no more mere cooking but,
The Michelin star earner
The goddess of wealth is herself,
Using her beauty, as a queen to inspire good in the world!
She most definitely can be the celestial being
In her most sacred role with her man.

Did she ever need a guideline to follow?
She just needed the time and space for the chrysalis!

To emerge as Shakti

She is the Mother,
She is peace,
She is profession,
She is satisfaction,
She is enlightenment
She is sleep
She is desire
She is all!

*it is about Neeti sara, an ancient Indian text and the lines which describe the attributes of a perfect wife.


Shrill cry at birth heralds the arrival
Of a miracle
Miracle of a baby girl!
Miracle unfolding with each
move and sound
The new born training to outgrow
the instincts
focussing to make an image
out of the blur
learning with never ending enthusiasm
despite the hurts!
Rattle that reddens the nose repeatedly
 isn’t let go
till it gives pleasure!
Rolling and lifting the head to survey
The little kingdom around,
Crawling daringly to explore
 beyond the boundaries,
Not shy to seek and find support
To prove the spine uprightness
Unmindful of more than a few falls,
 increasingly confident steps.
Constant motivation of these
charged up little beings
to try, to learn,
To achieve with a singlemindedness
amidst laughter or tears.

As the years go by.
The status of adulthood is achieved
And a woman emerges.

Is it at the cost of these hard-earned skills?
On a search for the hidden strengths.
the journey begins
for those who realise the value
of what was almost lost!

Women who can find joy in hard work
Women who grow stronger with challenges
Women who smile amidst sadness
Women who know no weakness!

Dr. Vasuprada Kartic is a double Masters in Counseling and Psychotherapy with a Diploma in Special Education and is Ph.D in Alternative Medicine and Holistic Psychotherapy and is presently the faculty for the International Certification Program for Anthroposophic Psychotherapy. As a clinician and as a volunteer, she has worked with not just psychological problems, but also with deep traumas and victims of violence and abuse and also works with the Police dept. She is dedicated to mental health awareness building through programs on Television and other modalities for the past two and a half decades. A keen family and marriage counsellor, she is a columnist for the same. As a much-appreciated Rotarian she has been involved in many community service projects. Her poetry tries to capture the intricacies of Human mind. Her poetry is a part of many anthologies and collections. She loves Music of all genres and is right now working on creating lyrical therapy.

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  1. The omnipresence and omnipotence of the woman has been sublimely portrayed... by applying a planetary analogy to the traits of the woman (A WOMAN IS BORN); by detailing her omnifariousness (VIRTUES); and by drawing up the trajectory of the female child right up to her adulthood (TO FIND THE LOST SKILLS). Hats off to Vasuprada Kartic for her dignified poetic triad.


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