Gauri Dixit, INDIA


I age
Like you do, inside and outside
In myself
I do take pride

Young or old
I am me
And the mirror is one thing
That I am not afraid to see

The Mirror is a friend
Familiar with every inch of the skin
Wrinkles, spots, pigmentation
Are not a sin

You look at the picture today
And claim that the lady has grown old
She looks haggard with it
She shouldn't wear gold

I wonder if you like the mirror
When you look at your face
Same as hers
Your face too shows the ruins of the race

I am happy
With my gold, red, black and every other hue
What about you
With your wardrobe full of grey and blue?


Broken men
With the shards keep poking, stabbing women
(even non-women with seemingly women-like characteristics)
Not one but many
Every minute
Even in space
Sometimes there's blood drawn
Sometimes just pieces of skin
Sometimes bloodless flesh
And at times nothing
The shards Become havens for biodiversity
The men go on

Poking & stabbing is a way of life
Peace is nowhere to be seen
Even sleep is about strife
Wars don't need fancy weapons
No swords, no knives
Just the shards of broken men
Fallen off the panes


I say I love dark
And I do, but there is a faint spark
In my mind
Lit by the love for light
It stays hidden
Lest the darkness kills it
In its rage
As it deems fit
One day
Or perhaps night
With this spark
I will leave for light
The Sun
Will take me
In an explosion

Gauri Dixit, a software professional from Pune (India), writes English poetry. Her poems have been featured in multiple Indian and international anthologies. She is a regular contributor to several poetry pages and e-zines of repute such as Destiny Poets UK, Duane's Poetree, Glomag, Kubili Cafe, Learning & Creativity, Mind Creative, Spillwords and Stanzaic Stylings. She recently won the 'Reuel International Prize for the Most Promising Poet - 2018'.  Her first poetry book 'In my skin, I find freedom' was recently launched. She loves reading, photography and traveling.

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