Hiranya Aditi Godavarthy, INDIA


The focus of our talk exists in the scene,
But it is apart from you, almost a separate living thing
In itself, coming and going and causing its effect,
And you choose from that what you want to collect.

As you name the people who’ve influenced you,
We see the web of beings you centre around,
Impacts hidden or known, your power isn’t new found,
You’ve been influencing them all along.

You take me to places I’ve not been to before,
Through words and tales of your journey,
Your hopes, your dreams, your own personal lore.
And I also see the world in new light and beauty.

You take me to places I’ve known before,
My heart recognises what feels true
For me about this all, and I grow too.
We break the distance, and together explore.

We’ve mapped your life and how you see yourself,
And I ask for your vision for the world,
Your global ideas and intentions beyond ourselves,
And your panoramic perceptions and landscape unfurled.

Like the enduring moon through its cycle,
The light on you changes, but you are still moving
Through the journey of contrasts, creating a ripple
In the world, your community, and me - you move me.


Do you second guess your instinct
To take time for yourself,
Or your instinct to push yourself harder
For your goals and pride?

Do you let them say “what do you know?”?
As if you were a passive observer
And didn’t learn from the things you saw,
And can’t tell the difference between your truth
And the tales of what should be.

Do you ask yourself if you deserve
The recognition, the hope,
The expectations and the power
To stay in people’s minds?

Do you doubt if you could expand
Your world, your universe, your life,
And if you could move beyond the rules
You have for yourself?

Do you question your intuition
When it tells you what to shy from
And what to embrace?

You know your journey,
You know your mind, your heart,
Your gentle self-comfort and stern inner voice.
Let no doubts come your way,
May your second guesses fade away.

We are children of the earth,
The ground nurtures us,
And we birthed our children on the soil
Centuries ago, and to this day.
The earth is a warm cradle.

We plant our seeds,
We sway as we work in groups,
Singing and dancing as we progress,
As the ground gives way to what
Emerges to gift our performance
With leaf and grain.

There is chaos of emotion,
And life is unpredictable,
But we ground in the warm sands below,
Letting go of the excess,
And coming to a calm balance.

We are one with the earth,
we are connected by the elements,
And we send our love to each other,
We support her, and one another.
We are part of this ground.

Hiranya Aditi Godavarthy has been published in various international anthologies of poetry including Posy of Poesy (2009), Poet’s Paradise (2010), The Dance of the Peacock (2013), Amaravati Poetic Prism published annually from 2015 onwards, WWW - Women, Wit & Wisdom (2017), and online journals such as Muse India since the age of 12. A painter, violinist and vocalist, she loves exploring ancient sciences and wisdom, nature, and depicting various aspects of the human experience, especially the tones of emotion. She has an academic background in biotechnology and management, and found her passion in the profession of Counselling and Psychotherapy.

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  1. I liked all the three poems of Hiranya, for the depth of her thought; yet the "Ground" poem stands out as the best, in my view.


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