Magie Fauré-Vidot Vijay-Kumar, SEYCHELLES


There I am on a deserted island
Watching them - women from all creeds
Doing their utmost to erase greeds
Which have empowered the entire land

Long ere - ye frail and beautiful as flowers
In this modern world we are transformed into generators
We all yearn to be walking brains
So as to protect humanity from the too heavy rains

One doesn’t need to be a man
Nor a woman
To accept the phase of universal logicality
And strive for unity and equality

Stand by your woman
For she needs all the strength
To repopulate mother earth with men
Who shall no more dream of building a den

Let us drink from the same tea-pot
We want not to design a plot
Let us repurify HUMANITY
By signing a treaty

Through all women’s voices
I have composed these few stanzas
Fly them in bouquets of roses
And together let us be harmless panzers


How can I help keep a heart smiling?
What can I offer to make someone happy?
How can I quench the thirst of a lonely being
Who admires a rose which is so prickly?

I have acted as a criminal
Believe me it has happened unwillingly
Should I re-enter my shell
And stay in a mood of shilly-shally?

Sorry for being a phosphoric beauty
Sorry if it is an empty pride
Though sorry does not cure
You will forgive me, I am sure

Am I a dream sylph?
Or, does one consider me a nymph?
Oh dear fan
I am but a genuine woman

My only wish
Is to see a spirit so rich
Meet a gentlewoman
And not fall into a den

Far away in a dense forest
I will use my skill as a poetess
To dedicate few stanzas
And turn them into modern jazz

I will be proud
To hear you laugh aloud
Filled with contentment
Upon such an entertainment


Upon stormy weathers
Across violent waters
I find myself the only Captain
Yet not qualified to be a coxswain

At times, I dread the outrageous waves
Being thrown at me by some knaves
I once had a co-pilot
But now no assistant I’ve got

I have to concentrate on self-teaching
So as to be far reaching
As otherwise I shall be stranded
On a faraway land

I also am trying to overpower the void
So as not be paranoid
Loneliness wants to marry me,
I refuse, as too high is the fee

Magie Fauré-Vidot Vijay-Kumar, Seychelloise, Member of IAP, AIL, WNWU and MS Academy, holds: six silver medals, Coupe de la Ville de Paris, Lyre d’Honneur, eight bronze, the Arts Award - Literature- Seychelles 2017.  Representations at international/ local forums/festivals: Belgium, Réunion, France, India and Seychelles.  Works, discussed in critical studies of Seychellois Literature: Dr. Pascal Canova-France and Dr. Karoly Sandor Pallai-Hungary.  Published in international journals: Amaravati Poetic Prism, Family Eternal Treasure, The Current International Anthology of English Poems, Seychelles Nation, People, Regard, etc.   Publishes SIPAY from 2010, unique Seychellois literary magazine (Chief Editor/Director of Publication). “ENCHANTING REBIRTH” : release in June 2019, “OASIS DES MOTS” 2016, “REVES CREOLES” 2012, “FLAMME MYSTIQUE” 2011, “L’AME ERRANTE” 2003, “UN GRAND COEUR TRISTE” 1982.   Latest accolades and responsibilities are: International Certificate E-Literature Adoom Award 2019, Global Literature, Guardian Award 2018, World Laureate in Literature-2018-WNWU, World Icon of Peace-2019, Hon. Author’s Certificate-MS-2018, Program Council Member-MS-2018, Dean-MSLEW, Poetry Research MS and Chief Admin for SE African countries-MS.

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