Neha Kumari, INDIA


A womb is a true mate
Between man and woman
Is a facade of binary
That allows her not to know
She is the one
The whole of her soul
While man is only half
Why is it Eve and Adam?
What about two Eve!
And two probable Adams!
The phallocentric notion of race
And the lovemaking of wombs.

Man was always the other
The universal complementary
the unknown knight in shining armor
After all ages of mating and wooing
He is still the other
Satiating his ego in her
With his muscles and flat chest
She is the alter ego of herself
Breast, womb and a female heart
What can be more empathic?
Similar joy and similar pain
And those haunting desires for the man,
Look at the body of the fellow woman
Mother, sister or a random female
There lies the untold history of thy gender
Smile, laugh and cry
You being your true observer.

(F: Female M: Male)

F: Come on man!
I do not want equality
I am still
Very much a feminist
I want to dominate.
It feels good to imagine
The world
Going gaga over us
Coins in our name

M-Was it a joke……………..
No comrade
A bit, little of my share
I led the domination.
With the boys I studied
I always got more marks.
In my some, few affairs
I acted more humane.

M-Stop singing your own song……….
You narcissist……
You feminist…..
Where are those nooks and corners…
Where reign the women…..
Share little…

It still belongs to me
Albeit yes,
It is soothing for my sight
Now dear man,
You trying to cook along.
When I look at the teaching fellows
It seems feminine colors speak
On the teaching canvas.
See the reception counters
Here and there,
Only I am seen with my painted face
And selling smile.
The market of beauty lives on my skin
I purchase
And I am sold too,
In cream, mascara and foundations.
The ‘item’ songs are a hit
On the flexibility of my waist
And the firmness of my breasts,
My sexuality is a festival
Which you men celebrate
We the women,
Match our steps too.
Without us
The market of pornography will not move
Even an inch
I am the chief object
You are subject, ogling at me

M-Shut up girl……
Your list has a low standard…….

F- Oye!
I was just saying
Let me speak today
It is you,
Wishing me Happy Women’s Day in the morning
What happened now?
Yes, yes
All places are yours
Defense, politics and corporate
All the power sectors
Of our mother sphere
But it is okay,
I see you purchasing
Fair and Handsome
Sanjeev Kapur is a great chef.

M-Yes friend……
It seems better….

F- This wall between you and me
Must fall,
Where you are
There I am
You come to kitchen
I have learnt to opt
Defense as a career..
But equality?
No man!
Equality is an impossible myth.
Two women talk differently
Two men do not live same
How on earth
Such a large number of women
Are going to be equal with so many men
Little more than the women demography
(female fetii are still aborted!)
Some places you lead
Some places I will control
This is the truth
Can this be understood?
Let us walk side by side

Diverse and wise.

Neha Kumari writes poetry in Hindi and English and is a research fellow at Banaras Hindu University. She loves to write about all the raw experiences life offers her every day. She calls herself, a prosaic poet.

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