Preeta Chandran, INDIA


The slate had gotten
rather crowded with words.
Most were synonymous
with sacrifices or expectations.
Others smacked of taking the back seat
and fitting into a mould.
The words had, over the years,
become rather stifling.
And then, also, there were
just a little too many words.
After all, it is a tiny slate.
After all, it is mine.
Too many had taken
the liberty of scribbling on it.
So today, I decide to reclaim my slate.
I wipe it clean, and put just a few words.
The slate looks neat and the words are mine.
Some speak of love and kindness,
and some, of dreams.
And in fancy calligraphy,
I’ve chosen to write,
Don’t hold back; fly high.


I’ve enjoyed the ride thus far.
Of course, at times, the going’s been rough,
I’ve fallen, I’ve failed, been mocked at and scorned,
I’ve risen, I’ve won, been cheered and celebrated.
I’ve learnt, and taught, and helped others climb,
And made the journey, every bit worthwhile.
But now, up here, what’s this glass ceiling I see?
I’ve heard there’s another world beyond,
But that, it’s not, for the likes of me.
Likes of me? I smile. I tap at the ceiling.
I laugh. It’s tough, but not tougher than me.


Many shades, of life,
And the obvious pride,
In colouring them all,
Just right;
Many roles to essay,
Each part, to be played,
To perfection;
Some real smiles,
Some fake,
Some give and take,
The mother, the daughter,
The wife, the leader,
The conflict, the harmony,
The agony, the ecstasy;
Emerging triumphant,
Each role played well,
Except that,
Trivial one, maybe,
Where I tried so hard,
To be… me.

Preeta Chandran is a writer and poet, and the author of the books, ‘The Painted Verse’ and ‘The Portrait of a Verse’. She is a former Assistant Vice President with Genpact, and currently the CEO of digital media firm eWandzDigital Services. Preeta has been featured in International and Indian anthologies by prestigious organizations like The Poetry Society of India, Hidden Brook Press (Canada), Cultural Centre of Vijaywada, Guntur Poetry Festival, AuthorsPress, Galerie MP Tresart (Canada). She has won awards from popular literary journal Muse India and her haikus have won the best haiku prize in The Hindustan Times Brunch Haiku contests. She spoke on the fusion of art and poetry at the Kolkata International Book Festival, which was featured on Indian Television, Doordarshan. She is a B.Sc (Hons.) Chemistry, an MBA, and is pursuing a PhD in Management. Her works can be read on:,

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