Poems by Narinder Bhangu

Narinder Bhangu
Poem #1
In a Hut

The night
calls her for sleep
whatever way,
in a hut of dried,
twigs and leaves collected,
randomly from the woods nearby.
tiring body movements,
the mechanics of mind,
emotional shakes,
blushing faces,
the begging hands,
never plaintive,
quite satisfied with
the fractional mercy
of well attired,
who drives a car to
a mammoth
glass house,
where in
dancing continues
and a game of cockles
till late,
in disguise
to sensual tunes,
on a cosy bed
in a bedroom
with select tapestry,
for next day's rat race,
unknown to
the life
in that hut of twigs
the meagre alms conceal
body aches
vulgar and abusive words
the sunken bellies
and lean skeleton
of a father
guarding the chastity
of a daughter
resting on a
loose stringed charpoy
yet, the next day
calls her to leave
that hut of twigs..

(Chorpoy is four wooden post bed woven with raw strings, and these strings become loose with time)

Poem #2
The Ganges

The noise of restlessness in me
and outside......
contrasted with
the rhythm of "The Ganges"
flowing down the centuries
perhaps before that
its perpetual system
of cleansing
of all the rubbish and dirt
that I carried down
the generations
Yet the Holy River
stayed so ....
And I, the nincompoop
play a foul game
in an effort to prove
my fame
without any shame....
But the freshness.....
at its banks,
the reflection of the Sun
competing above,
lifted me up
in the cool breeze
making me a young bud
yet to be sprouted
from its fertile soil
across the plains

Poem #3
Futile Journey

The lesson in a book
I have read
the journey
across the four corners
to refresh
the saddened soul
that always
stayed hollow
a big gap
to fill....
for the time unknown
this gap widened
as I tried narrowing
with my futile efforts
I learned
from all the books.
then, I read
a book
the nature publishes
on each branch of a tree,
in the soul of a worm
hiding under a pebble,
and a sparrows' search
for such worms
for stomachful meals
for the day
before joining a flock
to present a scenic beauty
on sky's canvas.
And in its each word
a feeling of lightness,
the sad soul
giving a feeling of ecstasy
and I sang a song
of the fullest enjoyment
playing a flute
of my imagination
from earthly matters.
yet connected
to away and away
beauty reigns
both in thoughts and actions
when cosmic energy,
in its glitz, is
unparalleled, unrivaled
hoping, jumping, running
climbing up and down
branch to branch..
as if nature
in its perpetual cycle
offers its bountiful

Poem #4
Endless Blank

A circular motion
of everything
centripetal force of what
keeps the world together,
yet the weak spots
where hatred is spread
innocent misled
there mobs gather
some sit and stand
others walk and talk
some enjoy
others ploy
some come and go
others break the flow
then the machines fail
for moans and cries....

(Badly moved by the Amritsar Tragedy)

Narinder Bhangu is Canada based poet, retired lecturer and works as health professional. As a published author, From Mind to Soul, a poetry collection is his latest.

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