Poetry: Louis Kasatkin

By Louis Kasatkin

Louis is editorial administrator at www.DestinyPoets.co.uk and founder of Destiny Poets and in his spare time is a civic, community, political activist, blogger and general nuisance to the status quo!
Louis Kasatkin

With Good Intentions

Tears welled in his eyes,
his breast filled with relief,
another young life saved;
his surgical skills
again exonerated,
despite the excruciating cramp
around his fingers and
stiffness in his joints;
Master Surgeon still after
all these very long years,
shuffling down the corridor
eyes wearied by concentration,
flickering billowing gaslight
making it seem darker still;
He had saved a very precious
young life, that knowledge lit
his footsteps the way out,
out into the daylight;
A great doctor who had
fretted and performed
near surgical miracles,
now face to face
with the anxious mother,
“Is He..? ”
“He is fine, there are no complications”
“when he fell ill, I thought he might die”
“no worries now, I’m sure your son will
enjoy a long and happy life”
“Thank you Herr Doktor”
“Good day, Frau Hitler,”


is forever,
now forever,
the long wait
of disappointed days
to be afar off
and away;
out of reach
of our grasp
that flails forlornly
in the air
striking at
that were never here
never real
in the now;
that forever now
that finds us
with outstretched
mendicant hands
grasping at pity
for pity’s sake,
until the shimmering itself
and we awake
from dreamless dreams
and sleepless sleep
staring agape
where we were
and are
in the now,


  1. Wonderful poem, NOW, captures a lot of my feelings.

  2. Both poems are testimony to Kasatkin style of writing, vivid, brilliant, deftly crafted and engaging,


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