Searching For Oedipus

Rob Harle

by Robert Maddox_Harle (aka Rob Harle)

(The reader is asked to engage “a willing suspension of disbelief” whilst reading this experimental story!)

           Then I only have this to ask of you.
           "Is your own fate, equally, if not more determined than an Oedipal tantrum?"  The majority, through no fault of their own, are inspired directly through mediocrity. Some call this life.

           We ordinary inept mortals, at a deeper level, know that it operates as powerfully as a father from beyond the grave. These deep-seated archetypal fears function as our accountant in analysis. The author has many versions to serve as a reminder of the dangers involved for transubstantiation.

           Ideological propaganda, which not only maintains the status quo of incest, but incest with one's protector hero, is for many people a cruel trap.  We must resist being absorbed into American Imperialism, it may only be that its affect does not lie in reconciling us to the very status quo, a steady-state discourse.

           Remember, the factors we crush in the fate-freewill dichotomy will allow us to rise above Freudian analysis and maybe, just maybe Oedipus' parricide. I do not think Oedipus was a man of significant colour sense at a fundamental level.

           It matters not for example whether Oedipus is a cultural function like Superman. How much more enlightening to see how a man, girl or transvestite can repress facts, this may seem to be a preferred outcome.  The status quo of Jesus as he went about, was not slaying dragons but their metaphorical transfigurations. His relationship with his mythological father was purely a Freudian slip, barely tolerated now, and definitely not reinforcing King Oedipus' power to shackle us. Despite the Church, Joan dressing as a man, wearing armour and redefining normality was one of the greatest threats to our evolution in a transgression which resulted in heresy and renunciation of supernatural powers. Such as being able to fly. For if we today do not believe in fate, psychic forces, and natural ethics, Superman as an ideologue points to a serious sickness.

           Women are all treated as objects and must resist being absorbed into an Oedipal construction network. We need to realise just what constitutes the status quo. Then would (g)God's grace be reinstated? No! In other words, Jesus is a character in the play, A Tragedy Of Destiny.  Though this is not essential to Oedipus using a club or sword to kill his father and to blow apart the hierarchies which he challenged. No! Not content either with usurping – Truth, Justice and The Moral Right. We must then ask was Oedipus a discourse in technological materialism conceived in a thesis that arouses considerable psychoanalytical interest.

           The closing scenes of divine control seem to indicate we have no choice in the matter. Destined to go through the Oedipal maze which distorts the picture to absurdity. The whole concept is a complete misunderstanding of Neitzsche, even if we take new types of medication. The problem is quite possibly phylogenetic, but in disguise. It is in disguise!

           Oedipus could have avoided his actions by using Electroconvulsive Therapy or even perhaps unravelling a few strands of deoxyribonucleic acid. Teiresias asks the question,
           "Did he touch the very core of human existence and spawn the hype that Superman's, not Ūbermensch's, discourse leaves out"?

           It is important for the status quo, the state anything is or was, to transcend the destiny of that which could have been.

           The Oedipal drama in a natural world reconciles us to a Whirling Dervish of fate. It involves destiny and the Moral Right to undergo analysis. Assertions that Oedipus' destiny moves us in an unnatural world is a predetermined desire to fulfil its more deep seated archetypal fears and functions. Bipartisan, polynomial real functions.
           Oedipus perhaps more than any other myth is a contrast between destiny and human will and its outcome cannot be predicted. Not even by the Tarot reader who haunts - The Wasteland.

           If we understand the original myth on the one hand and on the other hand the three main reasons for us being so moved, we had to reinvigorate or restore the patriotic status quo. Only then could we could believe Marx to be a reminder of the dangers of the aristocratic origins of those he ordered about.

           Hailed as post-contemporary hero he affirms this proposition. In his miraculous, superhuman Oedipal complexity, stuck between the age of supernatural alien parameters of the divinely controlled superhero with the corporate logo emblazoned on his Laptop he faces the fate versus fee will problem.

           The Sartrean double-blind-trial of history. In different nations at different times, the status quo, born from a woman and suckled as Oedipus, he has a repressed desire to fulfil its more transparent responsibilities.  Manipulated by false gods we ask,
           "Are we all in a sense, condemned to be Oedipal?"

Young people take over as (g)God's prophets in a succession of transvestites and androgynes, which are accepted today, according to their age in a natural progression of logarithmic myths.

           To absolve oneself from the responsibilities raises, the again innate problem, that has civilisation in a turmoil. We have not produced conclusive evidence that plants, like people, suffer like the hapless Oedipus. Even their source of anger is utterly unacceptable because of an innate interpretation of their latent biochemistry.
           We claim that the Oedipal Complex arises at the age of innocence. All human actions are a most serious cultural façade, characterised by a democratic free enterprise capitalist tragedy, reconciling us to an experiment that could have averted our destiny.  That's correct – averted the whole f**king mess!

           Jesus was not anti-sex, anti-democracy, nor antagonistic to the non-Oedipal whores with seeing eyes and happy mothers.  An incestuous relationship with the closing scenes of life reinforces the duality, super hero or inept mortal. An unsound character, one who thinks only of the essence of the myth and pretends he is a male hero. A contemporary hero who walks in the park each day. An individual who can achieve with unshakeable faith, in a father who came to kill his (g)God, a zest for life.
           I can't watch television any more, too many archetypal male protectors, saving society from evil and complex universal and phylogenetic disasters.  The closer we get to the best possible understanding of performing miracles the further we get from understanding the pretence that Oedipus was a saint.

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