Poetry: Dharmpal Mahendra Jain

Dharmpal Mahendra Jain

Sir, you don’t swagger anymore
You don’t shoo me away now
Don’t honor my parents with abuses
So polite and cultured you are now
I am scared.

Your rebuke was not a punishment
No bitterness in your abuses
No thrashing in your ire
No death was there in the threats
Now you silently smile
I am scared.

You were a peace-loving public servant
Your eyes could read compulsions
Your ears could hear the mutter
Your hands would open out in difficulty
There was a heart somewhere beating in you.
Now you have become a God
I am scared.

You see well
You dress well
You live well
You speak well
All is well
You seem a decent fellow
Just what you do – God forbid!
I am scared.


A poem must be simple like counting
You utter a number and the next follows
on its own. On and on it goes.
linking one to the other
until it reaches Infinity.

Like counting, a poem must also
Be clear to us all:
value of each digit we must know
And that value remains unchanged
anywhere in the universe it may go.

Odds and evens, as in numbers,
the poem should also carry both,
And whatever the digit
should become an integral part of the number.

And as in counting, a poem
must give value to zero
with its digits
And from the front lead the people
when they are declared insignificant.


In the whole world
Only one country should have been there –
Only one city should have been there –
Washington DC.
Only one house should have been there –
White House.
Only one person should have been there –
Donald Trump.

Christ had already been there
So why the need
To print the word God
On the dollar?
All others that were there –
Ishwar and Allah –
Should have been contained
In dollar itself.

God save America.

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