Poetry: Srishti Sharma

Srishti Sharma

How people manage to,
Keep several masks?
Behave well with one,
And behave badly with another.
Pamper one,
And disrespect another.
Why can’t we learn together and grow?
A few humans are rich,
But only monetarily.
Whereas, poor are rich by heart.
Teaching, making compliments, smiling,
Is called generosity.
It makes us human.
Can we add more
Happiness in this,
Wide-wide world?

Do we really exist?

Pets and babies,
Are closest,
To  parents and pet-lovers.
But people are,
So busy,
With their work,
That they don’t,
Find time to,
Take their babies,
And pets out,
For a walk.
How times have changed?
That we have time for,
And no time for kids.

Let’s breathe out from the tech world

Tall Buildings,
Big playgrounds,
And many such sports.
A society full of,
Elite class.
Kids and pets,
Seemed to be,
Maid’s property.
From dropping them to the school bus,
To take them clubbing.
All was taken care of,
But, by the maids.
How unreal,
The world is?
On one side,
People toil to earn,                     
Go through hell,
To bring a smile,
On their kids face.
And on the other hand,
They don’t have a minute,
To spare for their kids-Their gems.
Wake up.

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