Welcome 2020!

A whole thrilling year is ahead!

Welcome 2020!

In the first month of the New Year, Setu brings lot of excitement to your PC and/or Smartphone, by way of fine content---poetic, fictional, critical, theoretical.

This issue is doubly stimulating.

Two special sections, besides the regular literary and other columns, are there this time.

Two important focal areas of knowledge production and insights under spotlight.

The first one is on folklore, a niche area of academic study, criticism and theory. Guest-edited by Nandini Sahu, the noted author-critic-poet, and a specialist working in Indira Gandhi Open University, as director of School of Foreign Languages. The contributors investigate the various key aspects of this area, covering interesting themes and techniques. Myths, tribal literature, poems, folk tales and songs get covered, dissected, analyzed. These are the broad contours of a fascinating domain, making its presence felt across the universities now, courtesy the works by eminent scholars. More, of course, needs to be done in the emerging field of study by other scholars as well. More documentation and fine hermeneutical work be undertaken. It is a humble beginning done by the Setu team here in a challenging area of cultural studies; some important investigations by the experts and insights provided that could be the framework for further advanced scholarship.
Another special section is equally unique and crying for high activism: Women Writing Ecology. Helmed by well-known academic-poet-editor-critic Sangeeta Sharma, this field has, of late, attracted lot of talent that is keen to explore the intricacies and complexities of a looming global crisis, the crisis of climate change, whatever the deniers and skeptics might say or maintain. Significant role is played by women in the preservation of ecology, eco-balance; environmental interventions done at micro and macro levels by the female gender is worth respect and admiration. Women as nurturers! The select contributors focus on crucial dimensions of the sensitive topic that warrants widest-possible engagement by the civil society, if humans want to live in a habitable world and aim to pass it on to future generations.

Poetry and fiction, too, offer lot of fine reading experience.

There are more calls by noted authors, part of the editorial board.

Please do visit and send us your best.

We want to read you.

And publish you, provided the submissions meet all the parameters and technical norms of the editors.

Again thanks to the editors and contributors…and to our esteemed patrons for their love and support. We remain indebted to you all!

Due to this kind help only, the Duotrope-listed, peer-reviewed, bilingual journal published every month from Pittsburgh will very soon reach a whopping figure of 12-lakh hits.

These regular visits more than compensate our silent labour.

A big milestone for any journal!

We hope to create more of milestones---in coming months.

Wishing the very best of the 2020!
Sunil Sharma,
Editor, Setu (English)
Mumbai Metro Area, Maharashtra (India)


  1. A well penned Editorial! SETU Bilingual is one of the best literary journals. No wonder its popularity is soaring. I feel proud to get published in it.Kudos to Dr. Sunil Sharma and Dr. Anurag Sharma.

    1. Thanks for stopping by Dr. Chandra. Much appreciated your sweet support!


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