Poetry: Ethan Goffman

Ethan Goffman
Do Not Read this Poem, Read the One Below

This poem is pathetic.
It has nothing to say and says it badly.

This poem has no rhythm, no rhyme, no resonance, no romance, no reason.

However you spend your day,
do not read this poem!

Instead, read the poem below.
Its profound wisdom
will enlighten you.

The poem below will act as
your Zen Master
guiding you on a marvelous journey
on a craggy path through the mist
to the sun-drenched peak above.

Read the poem below and you are 110%, fully, completely, and utterly guaranteed to

·       find your bliss
·       fulfill your destiny
·       transcend time and space
·       attain Nirvana

Don’t Even Glance at This Poem, Read Only the One Above

You are a fool
to look at these words
written by a suffering man
with a migraine headache
a tortured childhood
and no sense of form or beauty.

I warn you
do not read this poem!
It is a profound waste of time,
precious seconds you will never recover
in the brief candle
that is
your life.

Instead, read the poem above
destined to stand
as the most profound work of artistic perfection
in the English
or any

indeed, the most profound work,
visual, sculptural, musical, culinary, olfactory,
in the whole entire history
of artistic endeavor
in the known
and unknown

Eat, drink, observe, touch, taste, hear, the divine words of
the previous poem.
Feel the sublime experience
in every micrometer of your being
from the tips of your ears to the hangnails on your pinkie toes.
your body.
your soul.

Lick the above poem,
rub your fingers lovingly
over each profound letter
feel the texture
enhanced by immortal words.

Print it out and bring it with you
into your daily shower.
Use it to gently scrub your body,
every cranny,
every pore,
every nanometer,
of your tender flesh,
each iota

of your immortal soul.

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